Not just the Starbucks: North End residents express hate for building it would have gone into reports a North End/Waterfront Residents Association meeting on the proposed modern building on Cross Street where a Starbucks was originally planned grew so heated an association member called on the sergeant at arms to restore calm. What, your neighborhood association doesn't have a sergeant at arms?



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This "residents association"

sounds like a group of thugs solely interested in enhancing their own property values while pretending to care about the city at large.

Wait a minute...that's exactly what they are!

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Say again

Don't forget, due to another rift a few years ago there are to NAs that 'represent' the North End.

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Locals care about their

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Locals care about their property values, and they care more about their neighborhood than other neighborhoods, and that's what all people do.

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Actually, no residents voted

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Actually, no residents voted to approve this building or had any impact on the design. The City determined that the project was "as of right." I suspect that frustration with this decision was the reason for the vote against the bank. The residents' group never got involved in the whole Starbucks debacle. That was organized by the merchants - which is probably why the Mayor took a stand against it. Sorry if that doesn't fit your narrative.

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Whole plaza area seems like such a great opportunity for something?

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The only thing that will satisfy these people

Is something that doesn't generate revenue, doesn't blocks their existing views, doesn't generate foot traffic, doesn't generate trash and doesn't block the view of the billboard of Nick Verano's giant head.

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Personally, I'm more doubtful

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Personally, I'm more doubtful about the design that has tellers tucked away on the mezzanine and conference rooms/offices filling the main floor.

Is that some sort of security idea?

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