Rapt attention at Jamaica Pond

Raptor at Jamaica Pond

Was walking around Jamaica Pond this afternoon, when I spotted this bird glide down to a perch on one of the trees on the Parkman Drive side.

Hawk? And should I finally figure out how to manually focus my camera lens because the auto-focus kept zeroing in on the branches in front of the bird? The answer to the latter question, of course, is: Yes.


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Was it fairly large? If so, could be a juvenile red-tail hawk.

Belly band

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The belly band makes me think red-tail. Not sure about whether it's juvenile or not.


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It looks like a juvenile to me...just a bit too scruffy to be an adult? I dunno. I do know it's definitely not a peregrine falcon.

Saw one on the Common a

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Saw one on the Common a couple weeks ago. It looked quite regal, although it was eating a pigeon.