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Jamaica Pond

By adamg - 1/17/22 - 10:39 am
Eagle eating a seagull on the ice at Jamaica Pllain

Mike Howlett was walking along Jamaica Pond yesterday when he spotted an eagle chowing down on a freshly caught herring gull (see it larger).

Nature's Zeitgeist also captured the brunching, reports: "The crime scene was pretty extensive with lots of white feathers scattered over a wide area on the pond ice."

By adamg - 1/2/22 - 5:08 pm
Dog walking reflections on Jamaica Plain

On the afternoon of New Year's Eve, for about 20 minutes, there was no wind at Jamaica Pond and so it was absolutely still and basically a giant mirror (save near the northern end, where a flotilla of hooded mergansers were busy fishing). Read more.

By adamg - 11/29/21 - 9:26 pm
Red-hooded ducks at Jamaica Pond

Mary Ellen journeyed up to Jamaica Pond today, where, amongst the fresh crop of hooded mergansers, which usually show up there about now, she spotted some redhead ducks, which are not commonly seen in 02130.

Sometimes, the pond also sees ruddy ducks, which, however, do not have red heads.

By adamg - 11/22/21 - 6:24 pm
Sunset matches a Dunkin' Donuts

Michelle spotted a quintessential Massachusetts sunset this evening.

Meanwhile, over at Jamaica Pond: Read more.

By adamg - 11/10/21 - 7:13 pm
Windsurfer on Jamaica Pond

Around 4:45 p.m., a woman who had been pumping up her inflatable surfboard and inflatable sail along the Jamaicaway side of Jamaica Pond put on a wetsuit, then put the board in the water, got on and paddled out aways before standing up and then scudding from one side of the pond to the other, using the handheld sail to direct the board where to go. Read more.

By adamg - 10/22/21 - 2:31 pm
Colorful trees at Jamaica Pond

Still a lot of green late into October, but large trees are beginning to turn.

By adamg - 10/17/21 - 5:58 pm
A coot

There were a couple of coots (no clue if they were old coots) at Jamaica Pond today, with their pigeon-like way of moving around the water: Their heads bobbing back and forth as they moved.

By adamg - 10/11/21 - 9:04 pm
Great blue heron all scrunched up

Late this afternoon at Chez Turtle, where all the turtles at Jamaica Pond seem to hang.

OK, it's a great blue heron just all scrunched up. Later, he flew from one end of the pond to the other and seemed to have both legs and a neck.

By adamg - 10/6/21 - 9:59 pm
Fall comes to Jamaica Pond

Most of the trees are still green, but some of the youngsters have already started getting their leaves ready to drop.

By adamg - 10/3/21 - 11:49 am
Purple flower at Jamaica Pond

There were only three of these purple flowers on the banks of Jamaica Pond yesterday, but zillions of these white flowers: Read more.

By adamg - 9/4/21 - 7:09 pm
Heron preens while turtles watch

A great blue heron preened itself while a couple of turtles watched its every move on Jamaica Pond this afternoon (even more turtles watched from the other side on what is normally the pond's turtle log).

By adamg - 8/9/21 - 10:46 pm
Ducks at Jamaica Pond

A pair of ducks taking a break this afternoon along the shores of Jamaica Pond, which more and more is looking like a giant pot of pea soup as the blue-but-so-far-mostly-green algae keep the pond closed to fishing, boating and dog swimming.

By adamg - 7/31/21 - 11:17 pm
Swan in Jamaica Pond

At first, Jamaica Pond seems fine - you come down the slope from Perkins Street and there's a swan slowly moving across the water.

But then you walk over towards the Jamaicaway/Pond Street side and you see none of the sailboats have sails: Read more.

By adamg - 7/31/21 - 10:38 am

The Boston Public Health Commission reports an explosion of blue-green algae in Jamaica Pond means the water's no longer fine for fishing or for dogs and kids to go in. Read more.

By adamg - 7/17/21 - 5:04 pm
Horseshoe crab at Jamaica Pond

So, as Vostradamus asks, how did one (granted, very dead) wind up on the shore of Jamaica Pond?

By adamg - 7/4/21 - 4:08 pm
Pacific Marimba at Jamaica Pond

A group called Pacific Marimba set up and played in the field at Jamaica Pond near the rotary today: Read more.

By adamg - 7/4/21 - 3:49 pm
Jamaica Pond fisherman and fish

A guy fishing at Jamaica Pond this afternoon landed what seemed like a pretty big fish to several people who stopped to watch him reel it in. He showed it off, then said it was nothing, and showed how large another fish he once caught in the pond was.

By adamg - 6/17/21 - 10:13 am
Mother and baby ducks going to sleep

The mama duck and her seven ducklings had settled in for a snooze late yesterday afternoon among the mud and rocks along the Perkins Street side of Jamaica Pond, just up from that outlet tunnel. As the ducklings huddled in a big fuzzball, mother burrowed into her own feathers - but with one eye still on the water.

Then a heron landed maybe 8 or 9 feet away. At first, it stood there, seeming to eye the ducklings. Read more.

By adamg - 6/3/21 - 9:22 pm
Saxophone player at Jamaica Pond

Late this afternoon, a good part of Jamaica Pond and the path around it reverberated with the sound of this guy's saxophone playing.

By adamg - 6/1/21 - 7:02 pm
Great blue heron in Jamaica Pond

This heron would spend a few minutes today at one spot at Jamaica Pond (spotted here along the Perkins Street side), then flit off to another.

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