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The Red Line is still not up to snuff: Another dead train makes the ride tough

Following this morning's delayapalooza on the Red Line, the MBTA reports new delays on the Red Line, of up to 15 minutes, due to a train that kicked the bucket at Kendall. Well, more like a train that got just a tiny bit out of Kendall, then expired, as Tyler E. reports:

Redline 747 sitting at Kendall waiting to back up for >10mins now? Get us off this train, I’ll walk from here, at least that’s reliable.

Annie Oakenfeld provides an update:

Driver was flying over Longfellow bridge and then overshot platform at Kendall, sat at station for 15 mintues with doors closed while they backed the train up & then took the train out of service.

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Does anyone know when we will see the new trains in operation? I've been hoping but now I'm depressed and sad.

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Does anyone know when the new trains are going to start running?

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