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Roofless in Allston after classic storrowing

Karyn Regal at WBZ News Radio photographed a box truck that became a bit lighter this morning after its driver disregarded those "CARS ONLY" signs in Allston.



made by a fourth grader, I'd probably disregard it too. Especially if I had to stop and back the wrong way up an entrance ramp to obey it.

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"I'm sorry officer, the speed limit sign was not a Picasso, so I wasn't obeying the speed limit."

But, really, doesn't it get old after a while?

Also, before you get to the non-MUTCD-compliant sign there are no fewer than five (5) "No trucks" signs. If those regulation signs don't get the message across, maybe the DANGER NO TRUCKS flashing lights thing will.

Or maybe paying attention in fourth grade would help. Reading comprehension is a thing!

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blaming the driver for poorly designed "custom" signs, poorly sized and placed standard sized signs, and signs that don't operate as intended.

The clearance and vehicle restrictions should be UNMISTAKABLY and CLEARLY communicated to the drivers BEFORE they even have a chance to enter these toadways, and not as an afterthought once they've already committed to the entrance ramp. It's a simple concept.

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it is your responsibility to know how high your truck is and where it can go on your intended route. People try to save money or time by taking alternate routes but the fault is with them if their truck can't fit - because it's their JOB.

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Many (not all) of the Storrowings are moving trucks , ie Ryder, U-Haul - you do not need a “professional truck driver’s” license for one of these.

I was able to drive a 28 foot box truck, legally, with zero training.

I doubt any of the storrowings are from crafty truck drivers that are trying to save time and money. I would bet it is mostly people who are either unfamiliar with the area or unfamiliar with their truck - probably both.

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This truck belonged to a long-established local business.

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The height of the vehicle was on a sticker in BIG LETTERS on the dashboard. Couldn't miss it.

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but you are missing the point that you don’t need to be well qualified to drive a truck like this - hence enhanced signage / indicators may help prevent Future Storrowings.

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No amount of signs and sign designs are going to work.

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That truck had to have gotten on Storrow in Allston by the hotel. You take a look at what he drove by and tell me what could possibly be clearer?


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If perhaps they put a sign up noting the height limit ahead and maybe a few signs noting that trucks were not allowed, maybe.. oh wait, that's in the photo? Nevermind.

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Maybe the driver failed math and arithmetic in fourth grade, not understanding that a 12'-6" truck height is greater than a 11'-0" clearance, especially since the large 12'6" is pasted on the truck as shown in one of the photos in the tweet.

If you can't count from 1 to 13 and don't know that 12 > 11, then you shouldn't have a driver's license.

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Also has a bunch of signs, but none of them state the actual clearance. That should be fixed.

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Since he would have had to get under River and Western (both 10') and the bridge he hit (Grand Junction, I assume) is 11.

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So... if you personally don't approve of the design of a sign, you will then choose to drive recklessly? How odd.

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If I was facing a sign that looked like it was
made by a fourth grader, I'd probably disregard it too.

Aw, jeez, with that attitude Bennett is never gonna get to be sheriff.

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I am a Roving U Hub Photographer!

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