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Some Boston bridgework

Longfellow Bridge with new lights

What's old is new: Myron Freeman took in the new lights on the rebuilt Longfellow Bridge yesterday (see it from the other side).

Brad Kelly, meanwhile drove into the spidery arms of the Zakim Bridge recently:

Zakim Bridge at night

Photos copyright Myron Freeman and Brad Kelley, respectively. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



The lights under the Longfellow bridge look great. Really glad that aspect of the job didn't get cut.

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In addition to the new lighting under the bridge, lights were added inside the towers so that light glows from the windows now. Also, the light fixtures that are attached to the exteriors of the towers are reproductions of the original lighting that used to be on the bridge but was removed decades ago. Same goes for the streetlights on the sidewalks.

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