Somerville Police investigating Malden Banner Boys

The Banner in the Town.

Artist's recreation by John Liam Policastro.

WBZ reports police want to know exactly how that banner fell off a truck.

Oh, and don't worry - they're also investigating (and charging) the alleged flag urinator.





Whenever the debate arises

Whenever the debate arises about whether Boston is a world class city I think of the media obsession over small time incidents like these.

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Uh, you mean like every other market?

By on you think they fire up the sewing machines in the last minutes of the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl?

Yes...definitely arrogance.

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Well, TBH

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For the T-shirts, they generally do wait until the 4th quarter. And score depending, might wait until the final whistle. The ones for the locker room are printed ahead of time (including the embroidered hats), naturally.

Source: husband is a screenprinter who previously worked for the bigger Boston shops who were part of 'Hot Market'. He'd go in to work at half time to prep the machines and let the Reebok reps in (I guess now it'd be Nike). Make phone calls if and when the time was appropriate.

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Or people who don't want to

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Or people who don't want to share public transit trains with other members of the public on say, game day, parade day, etc. Small minded people do keep this city small. Especially the small minded people who live outside the city and commute into the city for work.

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