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A storrowing Memorialized



It wasn't quite a Storrowing. I was a couple cars behind that truck last night when it hit the Mass Ave underpass going north on Memorial Drive. They were going pretty fast too which explains how they managed to take off that much of their roof. Fortunately I don't think anyone else got hit when they wedged their truck. The right lane was barely passable right afterwards but if anyone else got stuck in traffic, this is why.

Also, when I called 911 to report it, the state police took 3 separate transfers to get me to the ultimate individual who was so disinterested she couldn't wait to hang up on me.

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MIT folks were wicked smaht.

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If only the clearance signs were in smoots instead of obscure units like "feet" and "inches".

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Why is this kind of "storrowing" occurring so frequently? It's crazy.

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