Suffolk Downs out of running for Amazon project?

The Washington Post reports Amazon appears close to choosing a site near Washington, DC for its massive HQ2 project, based on all the chatter coming out of real-estate circles there, although it adds people there who want the thing worry Amazon could be having similar talks with other contenders.

The current owner of the old Suffolk Downs has said it will go ahead with its massive transformation of the site even without Amazon.

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This'll work out juuuuuust fine.

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A massive project to build more overpriced housing just before a recession/depression should be an exciting thing to watch.

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Amazon books store will be

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Amazon books store will be at the new Suffolk Downs development

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More housing near T stations

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More housing near T stations is fine with me. Rents are still way too high compared with salaries, and the only way to fix it is more housing.

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Well duh

Three of the finalists were in the DC area, and Bezos bought a mansion in DC like a year ago.

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Bezos ($125 billion) buying a

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Bezos ($125 billion) buying a DC mansion ($25 million) is like me ($125,000) buying a ticket, coke, and popcorn to watch a DC movie ($25)

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Yeah but

companies follow their CEOs. Or rather CEOs move their companies to be near where the CEOs want to live. That's why GE used to be in Random Suburb, CT.

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Thank Christ

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sounds like Amazon is coming to their senses. Boston traffic is nothing but a cluster, the City wants nothing but upper class citizens and the school system sucks. Makes you winder why Boston was in the running in the first place.

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Traffic in nova is even worse

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Traffic in nova is even worse then here.

Course, I don't quite see the appeal of everyone wanting to base their companies within a mile of South Station.

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Dc traffic is. A lot worse than Boston’s, but Northern Virginia isn’t as bad as Montpgomerg County Maryland because thebhoghways are newer and more built out.

Boston housing too expensive and the T is too shaky so it doesn’t make sense to pay high salaries just so people can spend it on insanely priced housing and shown up to work late.

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H/T to Mrs Stevil

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If it turns out.

She called it almost from the beginning because Bezos owns the Post - then he bought a house there (granted - he can buy any house anywhere).

DC is a great town - and real estate prices there have actually moderated slightly. Great geography, nice weather and still room to expand, especially into Virginia. I can see lots of young engineers and other workers being very happy there. Probably a good choice.

Boston would've been nice and a great choice- but I don't see us offering many incentives. Plus housing is outrageous and the T still needs lots of work.

We'll see...

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What about that seaport building

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Amazon said it was building to house 2000 techs? That still on? Said last may they were building in Boston and Vancouver.

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