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Violent Teens and Music

This is part of the problem.

1 As Deadly as Can Be Song by Necro

2 Dead Body Disposal Song by Necro

3 Stray Bullet
Song by Organized Konfusion

4 Jesse James ; Scarface
;Snuck up behind him, had his hands in his pocket/Took my pistol out, unlocked it/Pulled the hammer back and cocked it/And left his shit all on the carpet/I seen a (murder, murder) I pin-pointed my target/making my way up out the building/I got the nigga that I came here to get, notify his children/That they old man done fell up out the game/Because I came through this motherfucka/And killed his ass just like Jesse James.

5 Another Execution : Above the Law
;At this second her boy walked in/I said man do I have to act crazy again/Then I grabbed my weapon it's time to get ill/You can say it is cool or you can straight get pilled/With buck shots I mean all over the place/In your back, your side/In your stomach, in your face/Cause I don't really care what your girlfriend says/If you keep talkin; shit you get a bullet in your head Cold 187.

6 Ambitionz ;Meek Mill

;Money the root of evil, wait til them shooters see you/Lurkin in Grand Marquises, scopin on you, your people/Made a movie with niggas, murder and you the sequel/Bullets gon riddle you, they use tubes to feed you/Momma gonna pull the plug/Head big as Hey Arnold’s is, full of blood/Smell the death in the air when we pullin up/Bullets go B-B-BRRRR, fill em up.

7 Murder for Fun; Gucci Mane

Man I murder fo fun but my job is never done/From morning morn; to the setting of the sun/Bad men come come, come get murdered for fun/The hundred round drum in my tommy gun/Be a cat in the Hum;ll cut out your tongue/Me and Ox, man we murder fo fun/Talk talk bad man, come get murdered fo fun/The Gucci Mane, man I murder fo fun.

7 Throw Ya Gunz ;Onyx

To all competition slide back then listen/I’m kicking all that shit to the doormat/Claiming this domain, cause mad pains, bloodstains, long range/Got gats, crazy clips, I sink ships, cut faces like a pirate/I’m never caught or sought for the mad shit that I did/Heard? You got the word so observe/I shatter and splatter bodies and bones and bust nerves open/I always leave my barrel smoking.

8 Adrenaline Rush ;Twista
;Like when a motherfucker have to go pick up the pump/To make his opposition chest kick up and jump/When you lit up the gun to make your body get up and uhh/That’s your adrenaline rush/Like when a motherfucker have to go pick up the pump/To make a trigger pick up and dump.

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