What does the fox eat?

Fox eating a squirrel

Roving UHub photographer Gad Liwerant stopped to watch a fox enjoy a little squirrel snack on Chestnut Hill Road in Newton, between Hammond Street and the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.


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Fox Problems?

Like, when the local fox brings her kits around to eat all your raspberries and everyone dies of Teh Cute?

Or negotiates with the local dogs with lots of non-barking noises?

Or has a Marina Abramović "silent sitting" session with your nearly exactly the same size cat?

The Great Rabbit Overflow seems to be bringing them back - I'm hoping to have these adorable problems once again!

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That squirrel looks enormous.

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Great pics

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Animal farm

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Man, must've been One of Those Days for suburban wildlife. I was driving down Lagrange St. toward West Roxbury around 2 p.m., when I saw what I thought was a dog trotting along the road. Then it stopped, paused (apparently waiting for cars to go by, I guess) and crossed the road, and I realized that there creature was a coyote. Went strolling along through somebody's yard as if he were a tax-paying citizen.

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Foxes aren't that big. So...

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Foxes aren't that big. So... it's a relatively large squirrel?
Now if that were a Boston Common squirrel, you would notice a more rotund shape, about another half-pound of fat.

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Fat Squirrel Season

Not only are they larded up on the bounty of the fall, they have full density coats for the winter.

I saw a guy that big munching on some dead pumpkins that I put in the deer trough.

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