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Annual anarchist book fair tomorrow moved from BU to Cambridge after BU suddenly demands lots of money, organizers say

Don't go to BU for the annual Boston Anarchist Bookfair tomorrow - it's been moved to the Democracy Center, 45 Mt. Auburn St. in Cambridge, between noon and 5 p.m. In a statement organizers explained the sudden move:

Boston University told the collective yesterday (Nov 7th) we would have to pay a (unknown) thousands of dollars to use the space and pay for several BU cops to be on site. The space has been booked since July 2019. No other year was this required. We tried to talk them down, but they did not relent. We do not have the funds and could not on good conscience raise money that would be given directly to cops.

We will accommodate as many booksellers and tablers as possible in the new space. All workshops are, unfortunately, cancelled.



BU pulled this on Ben Shapiro too.

A little anarchy broke out at the democracy center for children..

I wonder if this is related to having neo-nazis show up at the BU student union last year to yell at the Anarchist Book Fair? If they were going to say "we're afraid you might be magnets for nazis, you have to pay for extra security," or "we're afraid you might be magnets for nazis, we don't want you on our campus," they really REALLY should have said so last winter. But I have a sneaking suspicion that's what BU is saying.

BU apparently has no problem covering the security for Ben Shapiro's upcoming appearance. Seems like their much-vaunted Free Speech Initiative is in need of fine-tuning.


BU tried sticking Shapiro with a bill no different than the anarchists. It's BU's cowardly way of trying to keep speakers they dislike off campus without admitting they don't want them on campus.


Boston has become a reified neoliberal Ted Talk.


It is recycled gibberish.

OMG recycled ... GASP ... you've been brainwashed!

(puts plastic bag over head as penance)

Who deals in tall tales and strawmen, and who's inspired a mass shooting will be given free reign and police protection in an upcoming event.

Tell me again how the evil liberals are infecting our halls of higher learning with anti-american and vile leftist commie propaganda.

Anarchy ensued.

Ok, ok. How about.... "Ooh, a cookbook! Hey, what the hell is this?"

Certainly threw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Now I'd love to see BU do the same to Ben Shitpiro.

This is a wise decision by BU. After far-left Antifa's destruction and violence during Boston's otherwise peaceful Straight Pride March, why take a chance?


Ok Boomer


internet conservativism is just self-parody at this point lol



and noted piece of garbage and defender of abusive cops Chief Michael Leary? Those guys are just simply bad people, hiding behind their badges.


I've read your Boston Globe comments. As here your comments belie a belligerent willingness to bend reality, twist truth and promote whatever lies are suitable at the moment.


perhaps grumpily watch stock tickers while mumbling about hijabs and skateboards? It's a shame that protests kill your free speech boner and all, but you have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about.


It's been said that all your claims of ever having been a cop are lies. So, were you really a cop, or are you just a pro/am cop-fluffer?


with the broken records above.


The Book Fair workshops will now be held on Sunday (Saturday event is booksale only) at Make Shift Boston in the South End:


If these are sudden requirements then the BU officials are playing the standard game of changing the rules at the last minute instead of just coming out of their closet of lying to tell the truth.

That College of Communication is certainly serving them well!

If only the Anarchists were better organized, for example with formal governance and with representatives empowered to speak for them, they would be in a much better position to negotiate with BU.

Some of the most organized groups I have known were anarchist at their root. That's because they are inherently decentralized and every individual has agency.

Anarchists simply reject formalized power structures and command and control hierarchy. Follow, but don't obey.