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Bail set at $1 million for man charged with firing shot that killed a Mattapan grandmother

A Roxbury man fired eight shots in a gun battle with a Mattapan man that ended with both men injured - and the Mattapan man's grandmother with a fatal bullet wound to the head - a prosecutor charged today.

Dorchester Municipal Court Judge Lisa Ann Grant set bail at $1 million for Dane Henry, 23, of Roxbury, on charges of manslaughter, for the death of Eleanor Maloney, 74, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, for shooting her grandson, Anthony Davis, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to Assistant Suffolk County District Attorney Masai King, Maloney was standing on the sidewalk outside her Mattapan Street home around 5 p.m. on April 6 when Henry and Malone began firing at each other. Each fired eight rounds, Henry from a 9-mm gun and Davis from a 45-mm gun, King said.

One of Henry's rounds hit Maloney in the head, killing her, King said.

Both shooters were injured, Henry tried hiding in a nearby house on Mattapan Street after a pal let him in; but police found him still inside that house's entryway. King says police found his gun outside, in a plastic bag buried under some leaves. Davis's gun wasn't found, King said.

King did not say why the two men began shooting at each other. Davis was arraigned two days after the shootout, in a hospital bed, for shooting Henry. King said a Suffolk County grand jury continues to investigate the incident.

King added that, as recently as a couple days ago, Henry was issuing threats on his Facebook page to anybody who might snitch on him.

Henry's attorney asked for her client to be confined to home arrest, but without bail. She said King provided no proof Henry actually fired the fatal shot and that her client has no record, lives with his mother and two siblings, and would get up at 4 a.m. to get to his job at a Walmart on Cape Cod.

Innocent, etc.

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Why didn't the Judge just say, No bail, defendant to be held until trial?

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What difference does it make? I doubt anyone has a million dollars for bail.

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That’s a cannon, not a gun.

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This tragic an avoidable shooting incident is such a heartbreaking thing to read oh to be aware of that an innocent human being who happens to be a grandma the community life has been taken away from her beautiful presents my two individuals who couldn't find a nonviolent way to resolve a conflict.

To everyone who knew this grandma, my deepest sympathies to you all, I pray that you hold on to all the positive memories and I pray that God will guide you through these horrible moments and future horrible moments of going through the court system.

This situation is just tremendously saddened.

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