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Bicyclists honor memory of rider killed in Fenway crash

Fenway ghost bike

Ron Newman was among the bicyclists who attended the unveiling of of Boston's latest ghost bike, to honor Paula Sharaga, 69, a Cambridge resident and Brookline librarian, who died in a crash with a cement truck at Brookline Avenue and Park Drive on Feb. 15.



ave atque vale

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There used to be one at the corner of Huntington and South Huntington Avenue in Boston. It's been gone for a couple of years now.

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And that's really it....

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The cross-section there is absurd.

almost 18 lanes of traffic intersecting there.

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I've known a lot of librarians in my life -- in fact my first job, right out of college, was working in a library for one summer -- and Paula was the friendliest, and possibly most energetic, librarian I've ever known.

I'm still saddened by her death, and shocked that I was chatting with her just a couple of days earlier and then, boom, there her picture was online. A real loss, especially to all the children whom she delighted.

Rest in peace, Paula.

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