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Bluebikes station rolled out at Forest Hills; no more gap between JP and Roslindale

Bluebikes at Forest Hills

Photo via BTD.

The Boston Transportation Department reports a Bluebikes station has finally been installed at the Forest Hills T stop.

Bluebikes installed stations at several points in Roslindale last year - after Jamaica Plain had had them for awhile - but a place for riders to park or rent one of the bikes at Forest Hills was delayed due to reconstruction of nearby roads and upgrades to the T station itself.

Although people can rent Bluebikes by the day, one of its goals is to create a network that lets subscribers get on a bike for short rides, for example, from one of the stations in Roslindale Square or on Belgrade Avenue, to the Forest Hills T stop.



With all the new stations in Everett, why isn't there one at Sullivan Square, a place many of the Everett riders would want to go in order to get on the Orange Line?


Ask Steve Winn.

a) he no longer owns the company

b) it's spelled "Wynn"

c) Sullivan Square is not in Everett. The casino has subsidized Blue Bikes' expansion to Everett, and put a dock on their own property.

A bike dock at one end of your trip is useless if there's no dock at the other end. Wynn should pay for a Sullivan dock.

And it's notoriously difficult to get these things built on MBTA property. And they're actually not that expensive, the hard part is definitely getting property owner approval.

I liked the hubway name better.

any word on when we get scooters?

There already is one very close to Sullivan Square, just across the Somerville line at Broadway opposite Mt Pleasant St, about 1000 ft from the T station entrance.

great addition in a much needed location. One at the top of Washington near Burger King. Or maybe one over near Fallon Field would also be a great idea.

There is a Blue Bikes station right around the corner from Fallon Field, at Belgrade Ave and Walworth St in front of the Busted Knuckle bike shop.

Bluebike stations at the end of the line, like North Station, tend to require more active management because they are so busy. I always guessed that by putting one at FH, a ton of people will begin riding from their peripheral stations (like Roslindale Square) and Bluebikes will need to expend more resources to add or remove bikes during peak periods. That's good for commuters but will cost BB more, thus they were slow to add what seems like an obvious station.

That wasn't the hold up. It was the Forest Hills station construction and the MBTA dragging their feet on giving this the go-ahead. The City and BlueBikes have been ready to install this station for a year.


Shortages of bikes, or full docks, are a fatal flaw of docked bike shares.

My personal bike is always there for me, and if the rack is full, I can find a sign pole nearby. You can stand on a subway or bus when all the seats are taken, or ask someone for a seat if you're unable to stand. But if a bike share station is out of bikes, you're basically stuck.

But I can't take it on the train with me. That's the problem - the need for both "first mile" and "last mile" service.

A friend of mine simply bought a complete beater bike, stripped everything off of it, and keeps it locked at North Station for personal on-demand last mile use to the Seaport.