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Boston Calling, Roslindale complaining

Were the winds just right last night to carry the sounds of Boston Calling bands as far south as Roslindale and Dedham? At 9:55 p.m., Lindsayisms posted a complaint:

WTF is happening with the loud ass bass in Rozzie (Washington & Beech) right now? I get it’s a long weekend and early in the evening but damn, kids. TURN IT DOWN. Mama’s gotta sleep.

The Keep Roslindale Quirky group on Facebook was also filled with, if not complaints, at least questions about where all the music was coming from - from people in Roslindale, West Roxbury and Dedham. Some skeptics, though, said, it couldn't be and was probably just somebody with their car stereo cranked to 11 and the windows.

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I was hearing it in W. Roxbury, near the Dedham line.

I thought it was a really loud car stereo for awhile, but it went on for hours & Boston Calling makes more sense. It ended by sometime around 11:00.

I was out for my WX/Roslindale loop run at about this time (10:30pm yesterday (5/24)), and I noticed lots of people milling about Fallon Field, like there was some kind of event going on.

"Were the winds just right last night to carry the sounds of Roslindale Calling bands"

I'm assuming you meant to write "Boston Calling bands"?


No Roslindale is Boston, remember ?

Touche ...

Down in the lowlands by the Square, we heard live music around the same time. I just assumed it was a party a block or 3 away. But if they were hearing it up your way, I guess it may have been something more.

Big party in Murdock Terrace in Brighton last night. Northeastern jabronis.

and boring.

from Gilman Square to the Community Path to Davis Square. It echoed off walls and buildings. That's not as far away as Roslindale, but it's still pretty far.

Well, some of it was true!


... that ever mattered.

Heard it on Newburg and thought someone was having a basement show or something at first, but given the neighborhood and then intermittent pauses Boston Calling makes more sense.. I guess?

I live at the top of the hill and I am usually out front vaping at that time , saying ni hao to all my Chinese neighbors, but the fireworks the other night tricked me into thinking a thunderstorm was minutes away and I overexerted myself bringing things in and covering things up. Last night was my sleep catch up night for that. I would have loved to ponder it. We will see whats up tonight.

Yellowbrickroad - 2011 atmospheric horror movie that uses distant music to a chilling effect

Because I live in Allston-Brighton, and even though all the way up on Commonwealth Ave we used to be able to sometimes hear trains in Beacon Yard, there was nary a noise of music last night.

With the right atmospheric conditions, sound can travel really far (a couple weekends ago, Roslindale got treated to the sounds of fireworks from Wellesley).

There WAS a party going on in Roslindale last night - a Boston Latin seniors get together in the Arboretum - but they didn't have any loud bass players.

With the right geometric conditions, two people can have a whisper quiet conversation 50 yds away from each other with nobody in the middle able to hear a thing.

I've had nights in my living room where I can hear the band and the PA system at BC as if they were next door even though I'm a few miles away. The windows acting as receivers. If I stray up the street just a little bit, it goes away.

to get an especially dramatic demonstration of this.

There's enough ambient noise in Davis Square (cars, bar patrons) that I don't hear the music there. But I definitely do hear it as I walk south on Haskell Street, especially once I go beyond the Peabody School on Rindge Avenue and into the open field behind it.

Heard it loud & clear up Bellevue Hill at 11PM and again when it WOKE ME UP AT 3:30 AM.

Whatever woke you wasn't this. Might have been thunder?

This is going to be a unpopular comment but how about they just move to the burbs. It’s cheaper these days, and it’s always quite. Your going to hear noise when you live in a “big city”.. I know that sounds crazy to some but that’s the reality in just about every big city in the Western Hemisphere.

Have you been to Roslindale?

There are plenty of suburbs closer to this locale than where I live.