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Boston finally gets a fake-ID store

Store selling fake IDs

Shamus Moynihan watched workers rushing to get Liberty Square's new fake-ID store open for business today.

OK, OK, it's really for a Ryan Reynolds movie called "Free Guy." And like that time filmmakers remade some Boston blocks to fill in for New York for "Ghostbusters," Liberty Square was retrofitted to fill in for another place - in this case, a "city" called Free City that is, in fact, a locale in an online game that is about to go offline forever - just as Reynolds realizes he's just a character in it.

Which brings up the issue of what to do about the rather prominent memorial to the 1956 Hungarian uprising that sits in the middle of the square. As Rocks_and_rocks shows us, they made it disappear by surrounding it with a round "newsstand:"

Liberty Square with a new newsstand

Bryan Healey also watched some of the production and shows us a closeup of the map on the newsstand, including the locations of the nearby gun shop, drug den and strip club (oh, wait, we actually have a couple of those):

Liberty Square map
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Sounds like an absolutely awful movie. Didn't Ryan Reynolds make some other immediately forgotten movie just like this one also in Boston not that long ago? I remember they staged a car crash near the Boston Massacre Memorial.

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Very forgettable movie, but at least Boston looked good.

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And it has Taika Waititi, so could be a good time, who knows?

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fallout 4 was dope.

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Still waiting for the Brookline DLC where you have to either ally with or destroy a mutant turkey faction.

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A+ would download and play.

If was more technologically apt, and, more to the point, not a lazy schlub, would design and create.

But... yeah. Seriously -- wait less, and pester your more technical and creative friends to make it for you more. This is a thing that can be done. This is a thing that should NEVER be done in exactly the sense that means DOOOOO EEEEET.

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