Box-truck driver hits pedestrian, restaurant in Chinatown

Truck into restaurant at Washington and Kneeland streets in Chinatown

Nea looked down at the damage caused this morning when the driver of a city-owned box truck somehow wound up crashing into the front of the recently opened Liuyishou hot-pot place at Kneeland and Washington streets. WBZ reports a pedestrian was hit.



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... where Joy Luck Hot Pot used to be after moving into the former Mcdonald's location.


And before it was McDonald's

it was the Stuart Theatre, a grindhouse cinema whose name was later changed to Pussycat when it became a porno cinema. I don't know if anything remains in the building as a reminder of those venues.

Arriving, Leaving Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

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Not a safe place for Tufts University School of Dental Medicine patients, students, faculty, staff vehicles arriving and leaving the SouthEast Corner of the same intersection.

Tufts University and the City can improve the curb in front of the building at the SouthEast Corner of Kneeland Street and Washington St for vehicles with arriving patients and waiting for patients leaving the building. Many drivers and patients unfamiliar with the area.

What place in Boston is "safe

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What place in Boston is "safe" from criminal drivers? This is the street where Xiao Ying Zhou hit a pedestrian and dragged her with her car for 3 miles. The crosswalks certainly aren't safe for people. A woman was killed on a Centre Street crosswalk just this week. Sidewalks aren't safe. Just look at the above photo or walk around Boston and see all the drivers who park on sidewalks. Or there was the story on this site this week of the driver who was arrested for driving(over 30MPH!) on a sidewalk. Restaurants aren't safe. Again, look at this photo or recall the people in Sweet Tomatoes who were killed when a criminal driver plowed into a restaurant. The DTX pedestrian zone? Don't make me laugh. There are constantly drivers there. Boston drivers are so shitty and dangerous that no where is safe.


Why does Boston have a phobia

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Why does Boston have a phobia about installing bollard on sidewalks to protect pedestrians from Masshole drivers? Oh.... that's right, too many people like illegally parking and driving on sidewalks for the city to care.

Any section of sidewalk that doesn't have parking against the curb should have planters, lights, big trees, or bollards to act as a physical barrier against vehicles straying from the roadway. This is common practice in Europe and even more so in a era of nutcases & terrorists using trucks for mass murder.



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Because the sidewalks are already too narrow for them.


Not really. There are poles

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Not really. There are poles about as wide as a signpost.

And Europe beats us in the narrow road and sidewalk contest.


There used to be bollards there...

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The bike lane installed there is pretty new, and there used to be bollards protecting the bike lane, but those did not last long. I'm just running under the assumption that drivers have taken them out. From what I've seen they haven't been consistently replaced, if at all. Kneeland Street is rather chaotic, especially at nearly all of the intersections (Washington, Harrison, Lincoln...).

Not that those bollards are going to offer a protective barrier like you're implying, but you'd hope they'd at least help. Doesn't seem to be the case.


The bike lane didn't have

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The bike lane didn't have bollards. It had flex posts.

A bollard is a solid pole designed to stop a vehicle.



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Never closely inspected them but I don't think I was aware that there was a difference. Guess that speaks to why they were so easily taken out.

Careful now

Some of our resident car-apologists might've seen a cyclist run a red today and those things are totally equivalent and pedesitrans are always texting on their phone when they suddenly appear out of no where and you're a bike Nazi for asking for safer streets that cut down on parking and travel speeds.

Did I cover everything?


There you go again, Kinopio

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With your biased and unfair "I don't want to get hit by a car" rhetoric that just doesn't work in a world where people just want to get somewhere really fast and the law doesn't really care how they do it