Brand spanking new escalator in brand spanking new North Station tunnel already busted

Steve Timmins reports:

Another morning rush hour and the escalator at the TD Garden end of the underground walkway is out of service AGAIN. People backing up into the CR waiting area waiting to use the too narrow stairway. Who approved this mess of an inadequate design?

The tunnel opened in January.



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No one could have seen this coming

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Except literally everyone who doesn't work at 10 Park Plaza.

Stairways and escalators are natural bottlenecks because people slow down to interact with them, so if they aren't any wider than the corridor they serve, they cause congestion.




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It's be a lot easier just to have all stairs.


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On some days, like today, I'm one of those people. And I really don't appreciate when I choose my exit based on the availability of an escalator that turns out not to be working.


Not the first time either!

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This same escalator was broken a few weeks back. Being I travel in only a few times a week to hear it is broken yet again makes one wonder. Also I have noticed there is consistently water that seeps into that tunnel on the other side where it enters the super dirty station.


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I noticed this morning that the tunnel floors are already starting to crack.


Cracks in the floor

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There were lots of cracks in the floor in the first week the tunnel was open. I haven't seen the tunnel since that week but I'll guess there are more and bigger cracks now.


It's not a big deal to the

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It's not a big deal to the homeless. They're just happy to have a dry place to hang out. You'll never hear them complain about cracks in the floor.

An escalator can never break

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It can only become stairs. There would never be an escalator out of order sign, only an escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience.

RIP Mitch Hedberg


TD Garden owner Delaware

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TD Garden owner Delaware North and developer Boston Properties paid for the tunnel as part of their redevelopment of the Garden area. The companies declined to say what it cost.

That end of the tunnel is a disaster

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I've been commuting there for the last two weeks. That end of the tunnel is a hopeless mess. A hard 90 degree turn at both the top and bottom so you can't see what's ahead, inadequate stair widths, only one escalator, only one elevator. It's always a bottleneck. With the volume of traffic through that tunnel, it's only a matter of time until the systems fail and we get a bit of a mob scene.


But but but

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You no longer have to walk outside in the rain or snow for a mere 70 feet to access the entrance, which used to have two escalators - one always going up and one always going down, and a very wide stairway.

Only proving the adage - be careful what you wish for.

And one more leading nowhere

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And one more leading nowhere just for show.

If you build it, they will come. Widening a passageway to fight congestion is like loosening your belt to fight obesity.


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...everyone but you is an idiot, it seems?

Nooo, just the pushy shovey people

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Who think they are the center of the universe, and people who use the less convenient option and complain about the convenience. The list does have room for additions though.