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Car flips on Adams Street in Dorchester

Flipped car

Segun Idowu reports he happened upon this flipped car around noon and that he and some other folks managed to get the driver out and she just had some minor scratches.

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Encourage the occupants to stay put, even if they are uninjured and able to get out on their own.

A car on its roof is not stable. It could tip and crush you and whoever is climbing out of it! Stay clear, calm the occupants, call for help.

Emergency workers will be there quite quickly.

It's common for an accident of that severity to result in a fuel leak. Leaking gas combined with an ignition that may not be turned off are a recipe for a bonfire. By leaving the occupant in the car, you might be sentencing them to a gruesome death. Also, being suspended upside down is neither comfortable nor healthy.

What is the source of your claim that rollover victims should be left strapped in to the car?


It's a crash, not an accident. An accident implies no one was at fault. A driver was at fault here because cars don't flip themselves.


You, apparently. I reject your personal definition of this commonly-understood word. An accident is something that was not deliberate. It does not imply no one was at fault.

So you reject our campaign to save lives by identifying driver's responsibility to control their vehicles?


to not read minds and put words in people's mouths? Once again, the word accident does not imply that no one is responsible. I have no idea where this notion came from, or why you find it useful to make nonsensical assertions about my beliefs.

An accident is something that was not deliberate.

the word accident does not imply that no one is responsible

So which is it?

You don't have to be deliberately wrong to be responsible for being wrong.

As you are.

Fantastic display of word salad skills trying to skirt around personal responsibility.

None of the above.

That isn’t a contradiction at all.

If we are sticking with the whole definition of words heming and hawing, then a contradiction is a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.

An accident is something that was not deliberate. The word accident does not imply that no one is responsible.

Doing something deliberately (like speeding) does make one responsible (for a crash). Thats not an accident.

Thanks for playing!

A person can be responsible for and accident, it doesn’t mean they deliberately caused it.

They took deliberately careless/reckless actions and it resulted in a crash, they are responsible.


Just because a driver didn't deliberately cause an accident doesn't absolve him or her of responsibility, especially if s/he ends up maiming or killing somebody as a consequence of his/her actions.

That was my comment.

You have to deliberately get into a car to operate it, you have to deliberately drive it recklessly to do something like crash or flip or jump the curve. It ain't by accident.

If the flip was caused by some other reckless driver, well then that was a deliberate action they took that caused this crash and they are at fault. Still not an accident.

This is not obscure. Merriam-Webster:

Definition of accident

1a : an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance Their meeting was an accident.
b : lack of intention or necessity : chance They met by accident rather than by design.
2a : an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance was involved in a traffic accident

Carelessness and ignorance likewise do not imply no one is at fault. Sometimes, no one is responsible for an accident. Usually, someone is, and society has several institutions that spend a lot of time determining who that is.

Quote the dictionary all you want and try to explain away reckless driving in court, let us know how that institution sees it.

I am not trying to explain away anything, other than your rococo notions about what the word accident means. If the car-flipper was driving recklessly, then they should be held responsible for the accident. Duh.

Now you're conjuring up elaborately ornamental late baroque style of decoration prevalent in 18th-century Continental Europe, with asymmetrical patterns involving motifs and scrollwork.

Or maybe you meant the rococo style of art, decoration, or architecture?

Oh but wait I didn't use Merriam-Webster to search that term, gee so weird to see differing definitions for a word. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

APPROACHES to the phenomena of trauma, which are of interest here, are rapidly becoming more rational and scientific. Nonetheless, the field still includes the only substantial, remaining categories of human morbidity and mortality still viewed by most laymen and professionals alike in essentially prescientific terms. The traditional wisdom perpetuates terms and concepts formerly applied to much of human experience. "Luck," "chance," "accident," and other extrarational notions still survive from the times when scientific explanations for plagues, earthquakes, "natural disasters," and other terrifying phenomena scourged a mankind that had no rational understanding, either of their sources or of the means for dealing with them. Unfortunately, because of their automatic subscription to the traditional, prescientific wisdom of the field, many professionals-physicians, behavioral scientists, and others-in coming to this field for the first time, still merely translate the traditional wisdom and its terms into their own scientific framework and jargon. .


Look it up.

The general guide from state and federal agencies handling incident statisitics is CRASH not ACCIDENT.

Sorry Mr. Sealion, but you are officially wrong.

You call me a sealion, while appealing to authorities. It's not relevant what term those authorities use to refer to collisions, when you're trying to justify a peculiar interpretation of a different term. Show me where they chose crash because they believe accident implies an absence of responsibility, and you might have a point. Go ahead.

Webster's dictionary wasn't exactly the final word on specific terms for specific situations.

I'm going to go with the NHTSA on this one, as they actually compile and work with crash statistics instead of general word usage for middle schoolers. https://www.nhtsa.gov/research-data

Their using one word for 'incidents' doesn't make the word that most people commonly use wrong. Nor does either term imply that no one's responsible. (I know you weren't saying that, but some people can't seem to accept it.)

"Luck," "chance," "accident," and other extrarational notions still survive from the times when scientific explanations for plagues, earthquakes, "natural disasters," and other terrifying phenomena scourged a mankind that had no rational understanding, either of their sources or of the means for dealing with them.

...to flip an automobile over on a city street?

And it seems to happen once a week around here.


So, my running tally of the plus or minus block around Adams St/Richmond St intersection, starting a year and a half ago:

~ 1 year 4 months ago: Drunk driver slams into a house's retaining wall at 2/3am, drives off in a wreck

~8 months ago: Driver ends up almost driving into a house (opposite side of the street) taking out front lawn/hedge/tree/etc. 1/2am, police show up, driver stays

~4-5 months ago Driver manages to take out the entire stop light on the side walk at the intersection, which was brand new and replaced a few days prior. 1/2am. Police, no idea on driver

Today: Car flips over in broad daylight.

This is just what I have seen - probably tons of other pretty major accidents occur, the city seriously needs to do something. Even more funny as Marty lives a block away.

meets the condition set forth in the question, in that none of the other cars flipped over. Unless you're leaving something out ...

The speed limit is 25 here, but no one wants to follow it. I get tailgated and cars constantly pass me. This is traffic evading route that many people use to get to dorchester and points beyond. There is very little street parking as most of these houses have off street parking. The cedar grove intersection is completely uncontrolled. The cars from Milton Street block the intersection while they "yield" to right of way traffic. More lights? More stop signs? I am pretty sure that neighborhood won't tolerate a speed bump.

Cars “pass” you on Adams St.?!?

not legally

Obviously. I can’t imagine a car crossing the yellow lines to pass someone in that area. You cannot see far ahead of you and there are always cars coming from the opposite direction.

It helps to have either

- the Hazzard County Public Works Dept having a conveniently-placed pile of dirt to serve as an off-center launching ramp, or...

- the TURBO BOOST/BARREL ROLL button on your Knight Industries Two Thousand

Adams St is a pretty long street. Whereabouts on Adams did this occur?

Looks like near Richmond St.


That corner has always been difficult and hazardous. It was worse before the street light was added about 30 years ago.
So it has nothing to do with marty.