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Citizen complaint of the day: Something stinks in North Square

Smelly truck

Several nose-holding citizens (or maybe just one particularly incensed citizen) filed 311 complaints yesterday and today about a stench-creating garbage truck that's been just sitting on North Street over the weekend:

One complaint goes:

How is this ok? Open air trash truck sitting all night in front of residences. Rats. Liquid refuse all over the street. Gagging stench.

Adds another:

Giant disgusting smelling trash truck is STILL outside my apartment and making it unbearable to be in my apartment. Code enforcement mass them move this morning, and now they are back. This is a code violation. Get them out of here. They aren't supposed to be here and are ignoring what code enforcement told them to do this morning. This is NOt acceptable. The smell is intolerable and I can smell it with the windows shut in my 3rd floor apt

The city, however, throws up its hands and says:

Cannot cite for smell no violation found at this time.

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" one particularly incensed citizen". A citizen that had to burn a lot of incense to cope with the stench. :-)

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I walked by, that is ground cinnamon on the ground to mask the smell.

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Did it work?

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Instead of complaining, why doesn't some good citizen just simply do some research, figure out where the truck is supposed to be, hotwire it and drive it away? Is that really so hard?

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Bullshit...we have public nuisance laws. We also have air quality regulations.

The state says you contact the local board of health:

The address they give in Boston is: ISD.

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Truck still there, now joined by 13 stinking dumpsters.

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The unbelievable crust of whoever's doing this. Anyone contacted the mayor's office?

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Not only does it appear that some waste company is stealing residential parking to keep their commercial supplies around, but at the same time those dumpsters appear to be in handicapped parking spaces as well.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Boston. Get your shit together...and get it the fuck out of residential parking.

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The city made them move their truck for an hour or two. What more do you want?

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