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Citizen complaint of the day: We need an exchange program for playground splash pads

One splash pad on, one splash pad off

Two concerned citizens filed 311 reports today about splash pads at playgrounds: One reported the splash pad at Medal of Honor Park in South Boston never turns off, the other reported that the splash pad at Ronan Park in Dorchester never turns on.



I love the upside down "press button to walk". I mean, come on Boston Parks, you can't find and order a replacement button?

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I’m fine with them using what they have. Why spend more for something custom when it works fine and is a cute nod to being in a city.

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Something that "works" isn't always the best solution. If you felt that way, let me take some duct take to your blown tire. I mean it works, right?

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I nearly got heat stroke waiting for the WALK signal.

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The one in the Charlestown navy yard doesn’t drain. So it’s filled with 3 inches of fetid water 24/7.

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Have you made a 311 complaint?

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The one at M street has such a poor design. There are two steps at the edge into the grass. Children losing their balance and falling down into the mud because it is surrounded by grass with a poor drainage system. I love the park otherwise. We were there yesterday and they did turn off briefly but came back on on their own and never shut off again.

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This one about too much water pooling at the Carter Playground in Roxbury.

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