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Citizen complaint of the day: When did JP get its own snow emergency?

Cones on Wachusett Street

A disgusted citizen filed a 311 complaint this morning about these three cones on Wachusett Street in Jamaica Plain, which don't even do the courtesy of holding a space that was back-breakingly shoveled out.



... and so it begins.


In my East Boston neighborhood it never ends. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Surprised to see the high-minded people of JP doing it though.


two middle-aged-ish ladies screaming it out over a space on Sumner Street, and not a flake of snow on the ground.

slash everyone's tires on your block and repeat as needed all winter, that way there's no danger of anyone moving and losing their hard-earned space


What if someone reads your stupid comment and decides to do exactly that? You think they wouldn't get hurt? Shame on you and yours.

Didn't your mom tell you not to listen to that?


...from Rachel Rollins

the local car-owning community needs any advice from li'l ol' me on how to be sociopathic and violent


You'll give yourself carpal tunnel from clutching those pearls so tightly.

My daily driver is a Bobcat so you can't slash the treads.

Checkmate amigo.


pumpkin roots?

when was halloween?

... signals this property extends beyond the sidewalk into the public street. Manifest Destiny.


Just pick them up and put them on the curb.


The more time the city wastes dealing with this asinine "policy", the more likely they are to get rid of it.


Yeah, I'm sure that 311 complaints are a very effective way to get the word to city leaders that change is needed. That's why the response is always "case closed -- noted".


and then someone will unknowingly park there and get their car keyed. This is why space savers should be banned.


This benefits pedestrians and cyclists the best as it thwarts on street parking and provides amusing street theater for all when the hapless offenders come back and attempt to lay claim to their unauthorized small holdings in a comedy of errors.


I'd bet $1000 that these are to mark a spot for tonight's heavier snow fall, which they can then shovel out and save.

They can, of course, go to hell with this tactic, especially since this snow will be gone by the end of the week.


Should be handy for marking a space for a moving truck or some other actually legitimate use.


Why do you auslanders freak out so much over space savers? Are you trying to turn Boston into East Bumfu*k USA? Just deal with the fact every place isn't necessarily like where you come from. Embrace diversity.

You live in one of the most densely populated parts of the U.S. It is far more densely populated than the vast majority of places most Americans come from. Space is a premium.

Space is a premium.

If space is a premium, then the city needs to charge to use it. And we definitely shouldn't allow people to just claim unused chunks of it for long periods of time for free.


Boston's not nearly as densely populated as Manhattan, where this wouldn't be tolerated.

For that matter, it's not like parts of Cambridge aren't as densely populated as the parts of Boston where this occurs, yet they don't do this.


Manhattan? You wanna bet? And MA is the 3rd most densely populated state after RI and NJ. NYC, SF, and Boston are the most densely populated big US cities.

Cambridge? There are numerous Boston neighborhoods more densely populated than and part of Cambridge.

And when I was a kid space savers were used in Cambridge by the local 'townies'. Ditto Somerville.

Cambridge and Somerville both cracked down on space-saving after big snowfalls, years ago, due to the fact that there were too many physical altercations between people over parking spaces.


... Boston born and spent most of my entire life here. Have lived in various neighborhoods and only saw this nasty behavior infrequently till about 20 years ago. It’s a new phenomenon. You must have been born yesterday.

It WAS VERY common in JP prior to gentrification by auslanders from Suburbia USA. It was common in many neighborhoods. Then again, most families had only one car or no car at all.

I was raised in East Boston and saw this done all throughout the 60s, 70s and on to today. If anything, it's a little LESS done now because back when the old timers lived there it was simply "accepted" as the thing to do and nobody ever said anything about it. At least now people are aware that it's a douchebag thing to do and the offenders are more defensive about it. It may seem like it's happening more now because it is more taken note of now.

LOL bro somerville has a higher density than boston does and they- oh RIGHT, they charge to cover the cost of their permit system, and do odd-even side switching, and, y'know, don't do this shit.

stop pretending like it's a omg speshul cultural thing for eastern mass and just admit it's a system that benefits the selfish and so it stays


Space is a premium.

which is why everyone who chooses to own a car in a city should understand that they're going to have to take personal responsibility for their use of free public space.

sometimes you lose out on it and it gets occupied by someone else who needed it at that moment. oh well, space is a premium, amirite?

so nice to find someone else who agrees with me on this.

Ah, just keeping up with Southie.

and I'm talking about the photographer.

How much time do you think it takes to snap a photo with the 311 app and file a complaint?

Not unique to Boston (including Cambridge, Somerville,etc)


raised gentrifiers living in The City (until they have a few kids or age out). real estate interests down in Philly had their panties in a bunch over the local time honored tradition of space savers. The Newcomers (yuppies, gentrifiers, etc.) abhor space savers. They're right up there with lynchings. Authorities really need to make an example out of of some of these ' lower class' and 'un-educated' locals and their quaint customs.

The mayor needs to remove the space saver policy. That is not a solution to parking issues. The mayor needs to build up parking garages and parking lots for residents in the area for free. If you bought a house without a driveway, you don’t own the street parking. Street parking should be first come first serve. People are getting into fights if not killed over space savers.