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City restripes Roxbury intersection where grandfather drew his own crosswalk

Newly striped crosswalks at Orchard Park Street and Dubois Street

The Boston Public Works Department reports a crew this morning put down new crosswalk stripes at the intersection of Dubois and Orchard Park streets this morning.

Earlier this week, a grandfather painted his own crosswalk to try to protect the kids crossing there to get to the nearby Orchard Gardens School.

The city had repaved the roads earlier this year. PWD said it had planned to put down new stripes several times earlier but until today had always been foiled by rain.



It has not rained continuously since the street was repaved.

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Cut them some slack. It rained a couple times then they didn't feel like working for a few months. What's the big deal if a few more kids get killed by drivers? Children have to understand that cars are going to hit them.

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What a nasty comment. Stay off the roads, hater.

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...at that location?

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Incredible. This dad deserves recognition from the city for saving the life of ever kid who used that crosswalk. The time he selflessly devoted to the safety of kids who he didn't even know is commendable. Thank you for pointing it out!

Now I'm off to see how I submit his name for such an honor.

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Remember how it rained all April and for a good portion of May? Heck, even Adam posted something on it.

Conversely, I don’t mind that they were shamed into doing it, but better a delay in the lines than a delay in the stop sign at the crossing.

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public shaming is the best shaming.

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Now we need to have John, Paul, George, and Ringo stride across.

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Update: Ringo has been killed by a masshole driver who was texting behind the wheel.

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Yoko? You'll find her under the bus.

She's all about the symbolic performance art.

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We had a broken street light for a year. Should have tried the candle trick.

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