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City of San Francisco to cut Massachusetts ties because we're too restrictive on abortion

WBUR explains why San Francisco city employees will no longer be allowed to take work trips here - and the city will stop considering Massachusetts companies for contracts - next year.

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But I for one can't wait to hear the opinions of a bunch of angry men about this


This seems like overreach, since Massachusetts adding restrictions after 24 weeks still makes it more more liberal than most of Western Europe.


Last I checked San Francisco wasn't in Western Europe.

I would imagine they don't allow their employees to travel for work to many cities, states/provinces, and countries in the world.

from Roman, Fish, and Cape. Something about slutty sluts having slutty sex, and getting the deserved consequences.


The Great and Powerful Oz called. He is looking for an argument and wants his straw man back.

I need some quality material here from Roman, Fish, and Cape. Something about slutty sluts having slutty sex

I go with pointing out the Eugenics angle when it comes to those who partake in the baby killing industry.

If it was about "slutty sluts having slutty sex" then abortion mills would be in different neighborhoods.


Baby killing industry and abortion mills? LOLOLOL... another uneducated pro-fetus type pontificating on things they will never understand nor do anything to help except spew made up shit.

Please tell us what neighborhoods would have all the awesome abortion mills if it was just about us slutty sluts having sex...I need another laugh.


Like Harvard Ave near Coolidge Corner? Or Comm Ave right in the middle of BU’s campus? Or maybe you mean all the hospitals in Longwood. All notorious dens of sin and depravity, those.

You’re not even trying any more, ace. Might be time to hang up the cleats.


What are they hiding?

Did I miss something?


Was that self-implosion or did Adam swing the banhammer?

It was the Goths.


of human empathy and/or shame, or merely trading one garrulous, self-important "alt-right" persona for another? You make the call.

I know a few former Neanderthals who had their road-to-Damascus moments -- emerged from the right-wing propaganda bubble to come to grips with science and actual journalistic reporting, maybe made a friend or two from different backgrounds who somehow dislodged their idiot prejudices -- but they rarely turn up in online forums.

My best guess: Roman finally turned 14, figured out that most of the bright young women he fancies find that shtick repugnant, and decided to focus his energies on the Nintendo Switch.

Against all evidence these days, I still like to believe there's hope for everyone. Kids like Roman aren't stupid: they've just lived too much of their lives online in the wrong places, haven't seen enough of the world. With any luck, he'll someday be as embarrassed for admiring glib, hateful assholes like PewDiePie as I am now by my Laibach records.

Not Nazis! Maybe you meant Death in June?

their politics (they seemed like deliberate poseurs / would-be satirists), but their music. Most industrial rock has not aged well. I actually saw them live at Axis maybe 20 years ago: they were comically awful, and not in an intentional way, more like an art-house project mounted by musicians of limited talent that went way off the rails. Still: maybe the biggest act to ever come out of Slovenia?

Could we maybe all try to not be the one who starts off a comment thread with a provocation for yet another ad hominem free-for-all?


about "the plague", I guess?

though he'd never respond directly to you due to his pathological need for attention centered only on himself.

I am confused. The first two sentences in this part of the article seem to contradict one another:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed's office says all the banned states “restrict abortion before viability of the fetus to live outside of the womb.” Massachusetts allows abortions up to 24 weeks. After that, abortions are only allowed in cases where the woman’s life or health is at risk.

I thought the age of viability was widely held to be about 24 weeks (at this point in history). Does SF use a different standard?

I'm asking sincerely, not trying to bait anyone, so please don't bite my head off if I've missed something obvious.


Maybe it's because minors need parental consent?

I don't believe you missed anything. The statement does seem odd. Perhaps they view the reported cases of survival for premature births in that range as statistically insignificant?

Anencephaly and some other conditions not compatible with life may not be detected before 24 weeks. Massachusetts law forces parents to go out of state for a legal abortion if such a cruel thing happens.


I’m not sure it’s the best of metrics—viability at 24 weeks is a coin-flip, with either outcome costing hundreds of thousands of dollars—but it’s the hill the city has decided they want to die on.

How many states are not on the blacklist?



Still, that's a lot of states. I would imagine that there are a lot of blacklisted states that provide services hard to easily locate elsewhere.

“These sites are just littered with tons of trash, human waste, feces, female products.” – Mark Fragoso, Bargaining Unit Coordinator, Southern California International Union of Operating Engineers

Mayor Walsh should return the favor with a scientifically based ban on Boston city workers traveling to San Francisco due to the public health emergency. Of course he's a fellow Democrat, so he will probably work to increase abortion in Boston instead.

It's a long walk from San Fran to Boston. No doubt city workers are already banned from superfluous carbon generating travel modes like airplane, bus, car. GoToMeeting and other platforms have eliminated the need for most cross country executive travel anyway. Thus, the "travel ban" on city workers traveling to Boston has little significance aside from this being the home to some of the best business and technical minds, much needed in San Fran right now. With San Fran on the brink of an infectious disease superstorm, they worry there aren't enough abortions? Don't forget, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.




Capecoddah touched upon the My Wife the Tramp bit in his comment above.



Comments like this make me think they are transcripts of the perpetually drunk guy at the corner of a bar who spends his afternoon arguing with the bar's TV.


all this time Fish has just been a long-term study by MIT refining an Internet Bigot Algorithm.

An AI in Cambridge produces him by sampling from the Herald, Stormfront, Pax Centurion and occasionally, a thesaurus.

Sometimes it goes a little off track.


FISH is a Markov chain, trained on the collected transcripts of Rush Limbaugh and Maude Flanders.


"never underestimate the predictability of stupidity"

For being represented by lunatics.


SF's shit list (poop map) extended this far east.


Who cares, San Francisco needs Massachusetts more than Massachusetts needs San Francisco.


That MBTA and BART employees can't take junkets to study each other and decide which transit system is the most inept and unsafe.


I'll give that to San Fran for needing four cops to arrest a guy for eating a sandwich on the platform.

San Fran is a shit hole. Add Seattle to that list.

It’s an absolute neoliberal nightmare. It’s what every other rising coastal city should strive not to be.


Newsflash, Tommy boy, Boston is just as neoliberal. You must be crawling in your skin.


Well no kidding. But it hasn’t quite reached that Frisco flavor. Say Were you the one with the ponytail on the electric scooter riding into Kendall Square?


...that you know what "neoliberal" means?


no one wants to live in either place, thus explaining their notoriously low housing prices.


Yeah it’s a great place to live if you make six figures and like to compost Your latte cup


Why is composting your latte cup a problem?

You just throw it in the "compost" hole instead of the "trash" hole.

Is that really beyond your understanding?


“F*cking A.sholes don’t get it”

Coffee, Regular please.

What the heck are they smoking out there and does NETA have any?

Calling Massachusetts restrictive on abortion is just crazy talk.

I found the guy who gets all his news from Sinclair "News" outlets looking to incarcerate more people in DeVos(tm) for-profit camps, rather than, um, actually travelling to the cities in question?


The Qoolaid is strong with this one!

Haha what ? Have you been to the Bay Area in the last um, I don’t know, 10 years?
It’s a lovely place for a homeless camp
Parked next to a Maserati.


I suspect you haven't been there like, um, ever?


Cool. How many turds on the sidewalk did you count?
Also , were you visiting family /friends? Have you actually gotten the opinion of a working class person who’s lived in the bay pre and post tech yuppie invasion ?


...while visiting your working-class relatives (who live "in the bay", not in San Francisco) is counting turds on sidewalks.

Got it.

It's a very dirty city. Much worse than Boston. Epic mentally ill homeless issue. Epic socioeconomic stratification. But is is geographically beautiful. Weather is generally mild all year 'round. It can actually get pretty cold even in summer.

You misspelled "San Francisco Government Establishes Grandstanding Moral Smokescreen to Distract from Inability to Solve Greater Problems"

A professionally performed abortion should be as readily available as chewing gum, and you can get those here. If that's not to the satisfaction of those in San Francisco government who procure services, then perhaps the boycott could have been registered quietly. This act does nothing to improve my regard for San Francisco.


I'm going to need New England / San Francisco matchup matchup to settle this.

With my luck, it'll probably wind up being Buffalo and Oakland, or whatever city those teams out west play musical stadiums with.

not the best use of political capital. American cities like SF and Boston have similar serious issues that need serious solutions. However you feel about it, abortion access is a red herring.

But calling those problems a function of progressive policies is delusional, counter-factual. Income inequality and the resultant dearth of affordable housing, the cutting of the social safety net for people with mental illness, the opioid crisis? You can thank Republican lawmakers, Republican presidents, and amoral, mostly Republican capitalists for all of those. That shit you're stepping in has the stink of the GOP wafting from it.


If I was a member of that "august legislative body" ostensibly representing the citizens of San Francisco -- I would clean up my own surroundings before I started to try to moralize beyond my legal jurisdiction.

A once beautiful, well-mannered and honored city has descended so-far --- that it is gross a insult to a 3rd World Hellhole to equate the City By the Bay with one [chose your favorite]. Not all that long ago you could lose your heart there -- or be welcomed by cheering thousands when your ship returned from the war in the Pacific and sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Today tourists need to wear construction boots lest they be stabbed in the foot by a syringe left in a pile of debris -- right next to Fisherman's Wharf. Humans openly use the streets and doorways of buildings in the same manner as dogs -- except I doubt that any of the participants are consciously marking their territory -- accent on the word conscious.

Well -- soon we'll have a test -- the former Mayor is on the ballot -- as a sitting Governor for whom the Citizens of California have filed a Petition for Recall

If the Citizens of California do the right thing and consign the former Mayor and now Governor to the "Ash Bin of History" -- perhaps California and SF will begin to turn the corner.

As Winston said upon hearing of the victory at the Battle of el Alamein in a speech in Parliament on Nov 10, 1942

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Henceforth Hitler's Nazis will meet equally well armed, and perhaps better armed troops. Hence forth they will have to face in many theatres of war that superiority in the air which they have so often used without mercy against other, of which they boasted all round the world, and which they intended to use as an instrument for convincing all other peoples that all resistance to them was hopeless....

So you’ve never been to San Francisco, huh? It’s pretty great - you should visit.

Was in SF last year after 2 decades. Beautiful city as always, but the homelessness seemed really out of control and distracting. Every block had one or more...every block. Even going across the Golden Gate to a viewing point, there was one muttering away in the bathroom. And these are the mentally disabled and/or drug addicted. Not normal people priced out of their homes. It was pretty depressing and I would never pay the RE prices to deal with that outside my home. You think Boston's homeless issues are bad - nothing compared to SF.

This is the same city (SF) that has tried to ban male circumcision for all reasons except health. So if we were to meet their abortion criteria, they'll come up with something else wacky to impose their will on the rest of us.

who gives a fuck what people in California think?