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Contractor at North End building site where pedestrian had construction material fall on her is cited by city

WBUR reports ISD today cited Corolla Contracting for violations that led to "an unsafe and dangerous worksite" at a site off Atlantic Avenue that left a woman walking nearby with critical injuries after metal construction material fell on her from several floors up yesterday.

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Builders pay the police for useless details. What if that money was spent on extra inspectors? Then the funds would go toward a productive activity.


Good. The right law firm should help her get them where it hurts the most. Their money. No excuse for such blatant negligence. Too many workers at these sites not screened enough for drug and alcohol use, either. Any update on her injury status? The dog? Not right.


Even if nothing comes of it, the City needs a kick in the ass.


She's in rough shape. It looks like she'll be OK but it's going to be a long road.

And work long, grueling days in all kinds of weather, physically demanding jobs, be looked down on as 'working class' or 'blue collar' (even though the average construction worker has a higher income vs the avwrage white collar, and even many 'professionals'), you'd most likely 'drink' and use mind altering substances.

There's no ahortage of alcohol and drug using (legal 'meds' and illegal 'drugs') among white collar workers and 'professionals'.


The world needs ditch diggers too.

The fact is, there are safe practices for construction sites that reduce the chance that people will get hurt.

These were clearly not being followed here if stuff fell entirely outside of the job site and there was somebody there for it to fall on.

In the other "crane dropped stuff" case where a cable snapped, it looks like they were doing it right, so nobody got hurt when shit happened. Nobody was under the load, the load fell within the job site, etc.


Regarding what I find to be a gratuitous comment suggesting those working construction are most likely using alcohol and mind altering drugs on the job. It only applied to that specific comment.

Obviously, safety at construction sites is extremely important. No sane person would argue that point. Accidents, of course, do happen. In all walks of life..Your reply to my post erroneously implied I didn't think proper regard to safety was important. It detracted from my concern with the flippant comment regarding alcohol and drugs.

Do you believe the majority of construction workers are abusing alcohol and other drugs and their ability to act with safety is compromised? That's just plain stupid.

When there is negligence it is because bosses choose to set negligent conditions. That's why there need to be inspectors.

Again, the money wasted on police details could be spent on more inspectors. One full time building inspector per large building. The money spent on worthless police details will pay for the inspectors. So for builders and developers there is no increase in what they spend today. The only difference is money wasted in legal graft would actually go toward protecting the public as well as workers.

Remember the men who died a few years ago in a hole dug in the South End? If there were more inspectors they would still be alive, their families, their spouses and children would still have these men in their lives.


MA Building inspectors monitor the building construction. If they notice site safety issues while they are there for their main duties, then they are professionally obligated to address it. However, monitoring construction safety is not part of their role.

Has anything change with Boston ISD in the past few years? There was some reporting a while ago (Globe?) after Yet Another Student Died in an Allston Fire. Apparently Boston's ISD still uses paper records for most business and generally has no way of tracking citations. The T looks well run in comparison.

EDIT: Apparently they upgraded in 2015. Now if only they can do the same in Medford.

Has anyone yet tracked the campaign contributions made by the contractor and developer in this case? I don't think the alleged Boston Calling extortion by Marty's staff was a one off. Follow the money.


I followed the money and it came back to worthless, lazy cops like you who hang around construction sites collecting big paychecks while doing nothing and leaving pedestrians vulnerable to incidents like this.


And it went to pay Elizabeth Warren to kill Seth Rich in the Drawing Room with a Candlestick. Nefarious!

...with Magoo and Trophy Wife Linda.

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