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Faneuil Hall feeling kind of blue

Blue Faneuil Hall

The historic hall is wrapped up in blue protective netting for some exterior renovation work.

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This is an amazing photo. It looks just like a rendering one might find in the project overview for the renovations. Must be the extremely uniform lighting? The clouds also kind of look like what I could imagine finding in a stock library of clouds.

Also, is there some sort of tilt-shift going on? The people have that miniature toy-like quality.

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You're so high up, the people all look like ants :-).

No tilt shifting at all, just a simple phone photo (I did rotate it 1 degree to the right in my photo editor to make up for the fact that I didn't hold the camera exactly level).

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What are the proposed names for the Hall?...

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Asked a similar question guess the editor is too busy

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