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Fire erupts in Fields Corner house

Fire at 83 Park St. in Dorchester

Park Street fire. See it larger. Photo by T.K. Skendarian.

Boston firefighters responded to 83 Park St. in Dorchester at 7:45 p.m. for what turned into a two-alarm fire.

The bulk of the fire was knocked down around 8:30 p.m.

The department estimates damage at $350,000 and says no one was home at the time of the fire.

The cause is under investigation.

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Google street view, no? I walk past this place about once a month, and from what I recall, and looking at the building from street view there's one of those square, red banners with a white X on it, which I thought meant the building had been condemned. It certainly looked decrepit and vacant those times I'd walked by it. A little odd considering it's right next door to Feeney Brothers Construction and they have a lot of equipment parked across the street, too. Anyway, I'm skeptical of circumstances anytime a building like that burns down. Today wasn't hot, nor dry. I'll be interested to see what investigation finds.

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The red X sign doesn't mean that a building is condemned; it means that it's considered vacant and the fire department shouldn't enter the building to attempt to rescue anyone. It's often used when a building is under construction or renovation. But it might also be put on a building that's considered uninhabitable for various reasons.

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Firefighters will still enter a building posted with an X to rescue someone. But that's it. The sign signifies "dangerous conditions" inside - often things like holes in floors, windows/skylights missing, doors that lead to open drops.

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I think there was someone who posted something about a building in the North End that had one of those banners on it Adam may have Retweeted or posted here.

Question for you, though:

But it might also be put on a building that's considered uninhabitable for various reasons.

Is there any difference between this determination and actually condemning a building?

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The red X signs are put up by the fire department. A condemnation would be done by Inspectional Services. The red X could be for a variety of reasons.

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Didn't realize it came down to entities making the determination.

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Before that parcel becomes “conveniently located luxury condos in the highly desirable Clam Point neighborhood”

i.e. poorly constructed condos with flashy finishes in the heart of a commercial area

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