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Fire erupts at Government Center Garage construction site

Government Center smoke

Smoke rises from the site. Photo by Patrick McMahon.

Boston firefighters responded to the under-construction side of the Government Center garage complex, where a fire on the 13th floor extended to the 14th floor. Firefighters were ordered off the 14th floor.

The HYM Investment Group, which owns the garage and which is turning it into the Bulfinch Crossing complex, said in a statement:

A temporary heater malfunctioned and caused a very small fire this afternoon in the residential building that is under construction as part of the Government Center Garage redevelopment project. The Boston Fire Department responded and there were no injuries. Garage service was temporarily interrupted while the fire department was on the site.

The scene at 3:18 p.m. at building to be named Bulfinch Crossing (see it larger):

Bullfinch Crossing fire scene

From Bullfinch Crossing residential-tower live view.



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Turn that into housing, and make everyone except delivery and work trucks use public transit or walk.

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This project is to demolish most of a parking garage, replacing it with (in part) housing.

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I think that garage was poured the same year that the building being poured at Chestnut Hill collapsed due to cold mix, so you are lucky it lasted as long as it did.

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I've been in that garage many times. It was built out of pre-cast concrete beams, not poured concrete.

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Make the MBTA reliable and I'll stop using my car.

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