Groaning commuter rail, ferries struggle to keep up with all the people

Pats fans waiting for train in Salem

Claire Blechman captured the scene at the Salem commuter-rail stop shortly before 9 a.m. She reports some people opened an unmanned door on an outbound train and got on, which is either very dumb or very smart.

Sid Murlidhar was part of the throng lined up for a ferry in Higham shortly after 9:

Waiting for the ferry in Hingham



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People can't get to work

People I know couldn't get on trains and better have understanding bosses because they can not get to work.

What about essential personnel who rely on the T like nurses and such?

I'm not mad at the Pats fans. I'm mad at the T. What else is new?


I'm mad at the city

The T can only increase capacity so much and they are already running at peak during rush hour.

I'm mad at Walsh and the other jokers who think it's cool to have a major parade in the middle on the city on a workday with little notice. They could schedule it at 8pm during the week or anytime on the weekend and everyone would be better off.

And fuck the players if they claim they're too busy to come back to a parade the following weekend.



I should have added that I don't understand why it's in the middle of a workday, also.


Schedule is tight

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Unfortunately, once the Super Bowl (or World Series) is over, there is only a very small window of opportunity to get a team engaged in a parade. Once these championship games are over, they are essentially discharged and most go off on long trips with family, return to out-of-state family associations, and similar. So the only time such a parade can happen with a majority of teammates is within the few days after the championship game. Any delay results in fewer team members being available, and essentially, they would be on their own time. The city's choice was this week only, and Thurs & Fri will be rainy.

Exactly. So what.

So what if your late for work. Get up earlier and ride your bike in. It was a great day for that.


from Providence?

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Sure, I'll give that a try next year.
And not everyone has the luxury of being able to show up late for work without putting their job in jeopardy.

Not trying to be a jerk here but....

There are 11 commuter trains that will pick you up in Beverly before 08:33 (Am I reading that right? That seems like a lot of trains). I'm guessing the 05:33 train wasn't filled with parade goers, and I'm not saying people should have to get out of bed at 04:30 because of a parade. But I would not have a problem getting up two hours early for one day.

If the 6:53 train was too crowded then maybe I'm wrong.

a parade isn't an emergency or a random event

Not only would the transportation be better on the weekend, but it would be better for the economy. All the lunch eateries that basically shut down for the weekend could feed the fans. All the parents at my office made their kids go to school and feel sad now. Wouldn't it be better to choose between hockey practice and parade, than school and parade?


While I was on the 6:30 AM

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While I was on the 6:30 AM out of Rockport and it was standing room only from Beverly on. I can only imagine it was worse from there on out. I do not even what to imagine what I will see when I try and hop the 5 PM back home. They need to add cars to those trains to add capacity. Then they need to add more trains on days like today.


Not the fault of the MBTA.

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The Transportation problems to and from Patriots parade was not the MBTA’s fault. It is the fault of
too many people attempting to ride the system during the rush hour. It was also the fault of the organizers of the parade who scheduled it in a weekday rather than the weekend. It is also the fault of politicians, like Governor Baker and the Pioneer Institute who are constantly weakening the system.

It is also fault of the public who expect limousine service at dollar store prices. And complain every two years when the fares have to increase, so that the MBTA budget can keep out with inflation.

Tired of winning

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Boy are we jaded. Championship parades are an annoyance now.


My 7:20AM commuter rail from

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My 7:20AM commuter rail from Boston Landing was (luckily) empty, but my co-workers train at the same time from Endicott was packed. I feel for people (like me) that just need to get to work today, and can't because the trains are filling up and then running express to Boston. This isn't our first parade, seems there should have been a better plan.

Got on a packed train

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At Readville which originated in Norwood because of the fool hit, not a single fare was collected. Mind you, most of the people on the train were not monthly pass holders.