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Honda wheel thieves getting bolder, or faster, or both

Accord with no wheels in West Roxbury

Abner Bonilla spotted this freshly un-wheeled Accord this morning in front of the block of stores on Grove Street near Washington Street in West Roxbury, a a stretch that is hardly a remote area where wheel thieves can work without attracting much attention.

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Someone nearby is also likely missing 4 expensive cobblestones, although that makes for a nice tableau.

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.. car as a space saver.

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Just. Stop.

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East St. Louis?!

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Did the wheel thieves do the owner a favor by resting the car on stones, or did they just mess up the brake rotors?

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Wheels are inter-changeable to different models and years. $20 for a set of wheel locks and those thieves will move on to the next Honda unless they find the wheel key in your glove box.

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Never let anything cloud the recognition of true talent.
These guys deserve a shot on a NASCAR pit crew.

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I used to live near there & saw wheels stolen from hondas in our parking lot with some regularity.

This amateur sleuth suspects the thieves dont live far from that spot.

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What's the next step for the car owner here? Have someone come out with four new rims and tires? Can't put it on a flatbed like that obviously.

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This was a common sight in Boston in days gone by. This 1985 Chronicle segment on the Boston Police is worth a watch for any number of reasons including the decayed city and streets. Let's not allow a return to those dismal conditions.

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Hope that wasn't a bike lane.

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