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House to make way for apartments, commercial space on Dorchester's Neponset Avenue

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved a developer's plan to replace an old house at 2 Neponset Ave., at Parkman Street, with a nine-unit, four-story building with ground-floor commercial space and 18 parking spaces.

Shaun McClorey's plan calls for all the units to have two bedrooms, ranging in size from 1,200 to 1,270 square feet. There would be two commercial units on the first floor aimed at professional offices, although McClorey asked for and received permission to rent out one of the two as a beauty salon if he can find a tenant interested in running one.

One neighbor rose to oppose the proposal, saying it would be larger than other nearby buildings on Neponset Avenue, none of which have more than six units and that its approval would set a precedent for that stretch of the street. He added the issue of demolishing the current house is currently before the city Landmarks Commission.

McClorey's attorney, George Morancy, acknowledged the current house is "a nice looking building," but said there is nothing historical about it, and that the end of Parkman that the house is on is mostly commercial buildings.

The mayor's office and city councilors Frank Baker and Annissa Essaibi-George supported the proposal.

The board voted unanimously for approval, although member Craig Galvin recused himself.

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While Boston NEEDS more housing asap -- my heart aches a little to see another beautiful old building that gives Dorchester character be demolished. I walked past - and admired - that building twice daily when I was a pre-teen/young teen.


Yes, it’s such a beautiful house! Don’t tear it down and replace it with a characterless apartment building!

Is being eradicated by the morons on the BRA or what ever they are called today. They are allowing historic homes, which are the history of Boston's architectural look, to be replaced by square box Home Depot look.

I agree that the building being replaced is quite attractive, but what makes my heart ache is the fact that the proposed apartment building includes twice as many parking spots as units despite being a short walk to the Fields Corner stop on the Red Line.

is not falling for the BS developers have been slinging in South Boston for the last 20 years. People drive, own cars and need s place to park other than overcrowded streets.
Hooray Dorchester! Now stop falling for the densification rhetoric from the dense people.

This site is 5 minutes walk to the subway and has a bus stop out front. I agree that if you own a car you need some where to park it, but facts are that 20-30% of the parking required by new developments is unused.

It would be important to separate ownership of the parking and the apartment. We should encourage these condo associations to lease out the spaces. I hate to lose so much greenery to waste.

This is the only thing Marty Walsh care about, squeezing cookie cutter, over sized buildings into lots that require multiple variances because they shouldn’t be built there. He just wants numbers to make him look good because these new buildings do not house the people who need housing and can’t afford to live in one of them. He is ruining the neighborhoods. Many built still have vacancies because they are too expensive.

With two comments about how beautiful the current house is, I went to the Google to see what it looks like. The street view for 2 Neponset is hilarious.

... gives a better view. ;-)