Hub pot is local pot and local pot is fresh: Board approves Boston's first facility for growing marijuana

The Zoning Board of Appeals today unanimously approved a potrepreneur's proposal for a three-story building in Newmarket Square in which to grow what he says will be craft marijuana for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Green Line Boston's nearly 20,000-square-foot indoor-grow facility would be the first in Boston, if it can win approval of the state Cannabis Control Commission to grow marijuana plants and to develop "derivative products" for sale elsewhere.

Mario Signore, Jr., whose family has long been more associated with ice and coal, plans to build the facility on a family-owned lot at 100-114 Hampden St., off Kemble Street.

The company signed a "host-community agreement" with the city in October, which calls for payment of 3% of gross revenues to the city and which bans any consumption of the company's products on site.

Green Line's host-community agreement (2.9M PDF).



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plus and minus

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plus: jobs in the city, money staying in the city

minus: a farm indoors is a ridiculous waste of shelter, production may be limited at less than 1 acre, where's the electricity for grow lights coming from?

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Building size corrected

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Although the zoning-board application says roughly 40,000 square feet, the final proposal was closer to 20,000, so I've fixed that in the post.

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