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Kenmore Square bar shuts down tonight

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Lower Depths shuts down for good tonight.

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Heavy reader, yet first-time commenter: This sucks. What the hell is left in town? Wow. I’m actually distraught.


I live a door down from here and no wonder I couldn't fall asleep until past midnight because Lower Depths was unusually loud.

I feel like I should like Lower Depths but it has always rubbed me the wrong way. They seem to bill themselves as a beer bar, but Cornwall's in Kenmore actually has a better beer selection and it's basically a sports bar. And it isn't cash only. I'm not a huge fan of the food, but I get that pairing beer and artisanal hot dogs is pretty unique to the area, so I won't knock them for that.

I've always found Lower Depths' bartenders to be a bit pretentious. Last year during one of the Patriots playoff games, I asked the bartender to put it on the TV (no one else was watching the tv), and they didn't know there was a game and were puzzled that I'd want to watch. Another time, my wife and I stopped in for a beer on a Saturday summer afternoon and we were the only ones there - I asked if we could sit out on the patio and have a quick drink (knowing it was for people who ordered food only) - nope, still not allowed.

In any case, this closing is pretty surprising and I'm interested to see what happens with the space.

I think the patio only being for people who order food might be a legal thing. I know at least in Brookline restaurants aren't allowed to serve just drinks to people sitting outside. Not sure if Boston has a similar law or not.


It's typically a condition set by the licensing board for patios.


Cornwalls rocks. Great beer selection, great food, great staff. But I'd hardly call them a sports bar. There is a Sox crowd on game days but most of the time it's locals not particularly interested in the TVs.

I realized that my comment was a bit ambiguous. I love the food at Cornwall's and the staff is great as well. Everything is very reasonably priced and my wife and I go there about once a month.

Pretty sure Cornwall's only has a month or so left (at least in its current location) before that whole block gets the wrecking ball. Anyone have good info?

They are moving only a few storefronts down. They will be were the bagel place was. They will only be closed for a short time.

Cash only? Pass.
Beer selection? Pass.
Picky Staff? Pass.
Tots? Ok...MAYBE...

And they only brought the tots back after people basically stopped showing up completely.

So, there's been zero reason for me to suggest going there to anyone.


Deli Haus for ever.


depths always sucked. the real loss was Deli Haus. Bring it back!!

I liked it as a place to meet up before a Sox game. I'll be interested to see what goes in the space. I mean, nothing is ever going to beat the Deli Haus, but hopefully it will be something good.

I loved this place when it first opened. Great food, good beer, fun people behind the bar. The food quality took a nosedive once Brian Poe got his hands on the menu. Once, the menu had great options but 'Chef' Poe created this faux Guy Fieri-style fusion that was greasy and heavy but lacking in taste and complexity. Considering how his other venues floundered--The Rattlesnake, Estelle's/Cluckit/or whatever other names used for the space across from the now-closed Parish 2--I was not surprised to hear about the Lower Depths closing.


Was damned terrific. Why the (expletive) Mr. Poe sought to blow that up for Cluckit is beyond me.

The whole industry is a joke, largely staffed by those not competent enough to do anything else.

Maybe they would have done better if they werent cash only.

Evidently, Douglas Bacon is buying it up and replacing the name and menu.

Soooo, I'm guessing it'll reopen in 2026.

I hate it when you make a funny.