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Little Boston Women

LITTLE WOMEN - Official Trailer (HD)

See how many Arboretum scenes you can spot in the trailer for the movie filmed here last fall.

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So, basically, "Lady Bird but with Corsets."

I love me some French Timmy but why did they have to make the whole preview about him and that Irish gal?

Little Women? More like, Little Woman and her BFF.

I'm guessing the hill in the trailer is Peters Hill?
Looks good but I hope Greta doesn't quit acting for directing.

She literally scored a Best Director nomination for "Lady Bird," her first feature.


She has literally won awards for her acting. Where did I say I hope she never directs again, genius?

... this will displace the generally excellent 1994 adaptation directed by Gillian Armstrong. ;-)


id love to see their take on this. anybody know if chaffin is still locked up?

I spotted four Arboretum scenes... Pretty sure one was Peter's Hill with the skyscrapers removed from the horizon.

Also possibly with a large tree added in (or is there a single large tree like that just down the hill a bit?).

Some of the scenes look like Fruitlands. Don't know if they filmed there, but it would sort of be appropriate.

from the Boston.com article: "Beyond Boston, the film shot in Canton, Concord, Franklin, Groton, Harvard, Ipswich, Lancaster, Lawrence, Stoughton, and Waltham." Fruitlands is in Harvard. (And Crane's Beach is in Ipswich, which is why I made my guess below.)

Could that be Crane's Beach in Ipswich?

to see if Al Janik, former lead singer for Rattle Heatre, polka meister, and all-around hipster, makes the final cut.

Where are all the off-leash dogs?


Many scenes were filmed in Concord, Mass. I remember when most of the downtown was blocked off for the filming.

I read that when they were here filming last year. It's a scene with Meryl Streep and maybe Saoirse? They put in fake gaslamps and cobblestones.

Am sure that there are more.

Pretty cool. I grew up right across from the Arbs. Now, it's gone Hollywood....