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Mattapan Street murder victim was a retired operating-room technician

WBZ talks to some friends and neighbors of Eleanor Maloney, who died Saturday from gunfire intended for somebody else.



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It was awful reading about how devastated the friends of the victim were after finding out the news. Just a heartbreaking story about a woman who obviously touched many people’s lives.

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Where is Presley and the rest on this one..........

Nothing can be defended as to what is going on in Boston when a retired grandmother is killed in her front yard during the day by "stray bullets"

Here's a woman who spent her life saving the lives of people -- shot down in her own yard on a rare pleasant day in early April

Who was shooting at whom? Why were they not already in prison?

If the people who are ostensibly representatives of the people of .... don't get out their rhetorical houses and start doing something about this level of wanton violence .....Boston could become the next Chicago

Here's something for the Legislature to work on Gun Violence Control:

  1. Possession of a firearm when arrested for something else -- 1 year + whatever else
  2. discharge of a firearm when arrested for something else -- 3 years + whatever else
  3. hitting someone with a bullet when arrested for something else -- 5 years + whatever
  4. hitting someone with a bullet and inflicting serious injury --- 10 years + whatever
  5. Killing someone with a firearm while doing something else --- 25 years + whatever
  6. 2nd offense for any of the above 5 years + the above
  7. 3rd offense for any of the above 25 years + the above
  8. subsequent offense --- life without any possibly of parole

Then unless we get another Dukakis the population of people willing to shoot-up a neighborhood of decent people should start to decline

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if someone is arrested in possession of an illegal firearm it should be a mandatory 10 years in prison. period

It all starts with illegal possession.

If someone makes the decision to carry an illegal firearm, it doesn't matter what happens next - it should be assumed that terrible things are going to happen.

10 years for illegal possession.

Unless legislature and courts start pressing for SERIOUS consequences, all of this "thoughts and prayers" won't solve anything.

Its time for politicians to act like leaders instead of virtue-signaling whiners.

Police know who these gunners are, let's take them off of the streets for a long time, instead of allowing them to re-offend time and time again.

Our lives and safety are in the balance.

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I’d love to hear less about the crimes DA Rollins will be prosecuting and more about her plan for these serious ones.

I hope there’s a plan because this is fucking heartbreaking and I am sick and tired of illegal firearms being ignored by everyone in our courts.

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Most of the sentences listed already exist. Judges and prosecutors never apply them to the fullest extent.

MA already has draconian gun laws compared to most of the country. They aren't enforced very well against career criminals. Usually the first thing plea bargained away.

Every felon in possession should be kicked to the feds for the possible 10 year sentence in club fed. Boston did this once in the 1990s as part of Operation Exile and it worked.

There just isn't the political or judicial will to harshly sentence gang members. You constantly get new tough laws wielding Thors Hammer at Elmer Fudd and lightly slapping career felons on the wrist with a pillow. The fear of God and full weight of the state is put into screwing some hick from NH crossing the border without a license while some drug dealer on his 6th possession charge walks out of court without giving a f-ck in the world.

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Something's been bothering me since I got on the train this morning and saw the cover of Boston Metro. Not one mention of Eleanor Maloney's murder.

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