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Mosaic map going in at South Station

Mosaic map at South Station

Adam Castiglioni shows us some of the mosaic that artist Ellen Harvey is installing at a South Station entrance at Summer Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Harvey's map, titled "Network," uses hand-made glass tiles to show the web of transportation routes in the Boston area:

Each form of transportation is coded a different color – black for subways, dark grey for rail, light grey for roads and silver for water. As travelers descend the stairs, they move towards the ocean where a small mermaid inset in the silvery sea of Boston harbor surveys (literally) the land. NETWORK imagines a world in which the mermaid escapes her destiny of romantic frustration and temptation and decides to take on the land, just as perhaps now we need nature to lead our transportation decisions, rather than to be subject to them.




The artist must have the patience of a saint.

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Oh subtle artist.

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Elsewhere on the redline, water damage at Harvard Station is destroying the mosaic there:


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I wish the managers of South Station would return the Xmas train garden. Perfect place for it; delightful to adults and children. Elevated the experience of waiting for a train from boring to fun. And it did not involve zoning out into earbuds. It was an actual shared human experience.

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There used to be trains at Harrington's in Chelmsford, like they were at Jordan Marsh in Boston, not sure about now.

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