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National Grid, unions reach tentative agreement to end lockout

Local 12003 of the United Steelworkers posted tonight:

As of 10:15 PM tonight all picketing operations in Local 12003 and 12012-04 will cease immediately. Together both locals have reached a tentative agreement. There is a number of peripheral issues that will be resolved tomorrow. A follow up email will be sent out to all members with a Date, Location, and Time for a ratification meeting as soon as a hall is confirmed.

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Public Meetings/Hearings of DPU Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities block access to civic engagement by an unnecessary overly dense formatting of information in difficult to navigate, difficult to interpret, problematical webpages at http://mass.gov/dpu
with difficult terminologies. No key. No guide.

What State Legislator is advocating for easier to understand DPU webpages?

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It’s right under:

“What would you like to do?“

“DPU File Room & Administrative Services“

“Find a DPU hearing date or location” 


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That last remark represents the attitude of DPU responses. For example at https://eeaonline.eea.state.ma.us/DPU/Fileroom/Hearings/ByDate
no topical details about

"Date .... 01/03/2019
"Start Time .... 11:00 AM
"End Time .... 01:00 PM
"Officers .... Weisman
"Docket .... Lazaro"

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To be frankly honest I don't know all the circumstances surrounding this particular dispute. Other than many union workers were affected by this dispute.

I had an opportunity to March along with these Union brothers and sisters and I have to say attack on any Union is Attack on the people at Large. Unions act as the Watchdog for big corporations. It is factual and we all know this it's all about the big money to the people at the top.

I hope and pray in any future dispute and which there's a work stoppage if the common people are called out to participate and Union activities please just take a couple of hours in March along the hard workers.

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"To be frankly honest I don't know all the circumstances surrounding"

"had an opportunity to March along with these Union brothers and sisters"

Seems rational.

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See how they pounce to "like" even the most silly posts that are pro-union.

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Now I have to go and give Anthony's post a like. I rarely give posts likes.

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You just validated my post!

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