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The night a murderer in a Cessna strafed Boston for two hours

Boston Strafer Pilot

Jake alerts us it was 30 years ago tonight that a guy killed his wife, commandeered a small plane in Beverly, then strafed Boston for three hours - and flew under the Tobin Bridge.



Twitter would be broken. There would be a lockdown. There would be fighter jets scrambled from Otis and they'd probably shoot the plane down somewhere. Fox News would be broadcasting a picture of a suspect who was brown and probably Muslim. There would be about eight hundred live streams, at least one of which would be from the guy flying the plane.

There's probably better security at BVY, but having flown GA, who really knows.

I had no idea this ever happened. Thanks, Adam, for posting!


Is this supposed to make us laugh? This phrase and ones like it (“broke the internet”) started in the high school kid vernacular and now has seeped into places like mothers posting on Facebook and Ari O posts on U Hub. Maybe the first couple times someone posted this people were like, “hehe, ok, not bad” but now why even bother?

It reminds me of a time last year when I was at an Outdoor Event and some College Bro was behind me in the porta potty line and said to his friend, “dude, I gotta piss like a f***ing racehorse!” Why even bother? Just say you have to piss rather than using up words with some turn of phrase that was played out long ago.

I must be in a bad mood today. But I agree, good post. Adam roolz.


I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to clap back and tell you to stop Twitter-shaming people.

I thought that they were moved to Barnes or Westover, and maybe moved again since.

Related: I just heard that the F-16s flown as part of the Green Mountain Boys squadron have been replaced by F-35s.

So, is he still alive? Did he get released from prison at some point?

Vinelink.com shows an Alfred J Hunter at MCI Norfolk.

This was during the era when that phrase meant a certain kind of workplace violence. The report leaves out that this guy was a postal worker and shot up the GMF behind South Station from his stolen plane.


Ah... That's interesting. The little bit of landscape I could readily identify was the Gillette plant at Fort Point Channel, so right across from the post office and south station.

I had forgotten about this. I read Adam's intro and I started thinking of that "other"* infamous guy who killed his wife and set the city on end.

* as if there was only one other to choose...

Glad he got put away for a long stretch for murdering his wife and choosing to embellish that with the plane ride.

Did anyone else get a chill after the introductory sentence - "Terror in the air; that phrase as a whole new meaning tonight..."?


Note the shaking of his head as the story wraps up.

Only happened once in 30 years. Waiting for the NRA TV to use this story as proof that gun regulations are unnecessary. How often does somebody shoot from the air? In school halls, city halls, streets sure. But that's all normal stuff that we pay for having a right to bear arms isn't it?


I remember venturing down the next day. Never saw so much melted vinyl siding.

on the way into work. It was amazing that no one but the pilot died. It could have been a lot worse.

I saw that the morning after it happened. It was really nuts and it’s amazing that everyone wasn’t killed.

I lived in Kenmore Square at the time, but was staying out in Waltham several nights a week. My parents did not have my fiance's phone number.

This was national news and they were freaked out enough to leave a couple messages. One of my housemates finally called me to let me know that I should call them.

...and another plane crashed in Mattapan (about 2 miles away) a couple years later...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uSmaSQy4S0E