Non-profits propose 225-unit apartment building on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain News reports on a proposal by the Pine Street Inn and the Community Builders to replace a warehouse on Washington Street south of Glen Road with a six-story building with 140 "supportive" units for Pine Street Inn clients and 85 units rented as affordable.



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Great Project!

This proposal would convert Pine Street Inn's existing one-story warehouse into 225 homes, including ones dedicated to the people they serve. Even the NIMBYs should get behind this project!

The site is also accessible, at just a 4 minute walk from the Green Street orange line station, a stop for the frequent 42 bus line (Forest Hills to Dudley) is on the same block, and two BlueBikes stations are at Green Street and a 4 minute walk away down Washington St.


Nope. By walking through

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Nope. By walking through Central, as I often do, you get a much closer look at the people perpetually screaming at each other and leaving nips and half-eaten food on the ground.

Saints preserve us!

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Not...empty nips on the ground! Won't someone please think of the children!

Here I was thinking that making sure low-income people can have somewhere to live safely was important, but clearly if people might litter that would destroy the entire neighborhood and so therefore we should just scrap the whole thing rather than just put out some extra trash cans.

Is there such housing now at

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Is there such housing now at the Pine Street Inn in the South End? Are the people who are going to live in this living somewhere else now?

Not moving

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South end Facility will remain open

diversity of all kinds

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The scale of this project is a legitimate concern, I think. Though probably less efficient to develop + operate, several smaller versions of this would fit better into the existing neighborhoods. The huge housing projects built in past decades faced this same challenge--and the negative impact on their immediate surroundings were at least partly due to inappropriate scale.