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Orange Line replacement bus turns into casino shuttle for some riders

Tim Lawrence reported at 10 p.m.:

My MBTA OL Shuttle bus just got lost, skipped Sullivan and ended up at Encore. This driver had no idea where he was going or even what he was doing.

The worst part is that he had no idea he skipped Sullivan and was barreling deeper down 99/Broadway. By that point, it would have been better to just go to Wellington.

Tonight has been an absolute disaster. There weren't signs or attendants at Haymarket.



Encore staff would've likely comped everyone with a free buffet

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I’m in New York this weekend and I’m glad I took the commuter rail from Malden to North Station last night, which was about the time of this post (10pm) to get to the bus terminal at South Station for my bus trip. I’ve been taking the Haverhill commuter rail between the two stations to avoid having to use the Orange Line during the weekend suspensions. I had to adjust to the limited weekend schedule but the trip times have been no longer than 15 minutes each time. It beats the reduction and unpredictability of the train schedule (observed trains running on single track from Sullivan to Wellington) and dealing with traffic with the bus shuttles.

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On the front page this story is appearing as only the last paragraph and without the quote box. It makes it appear Adam was on the bus himself and editorializing in an uncharacteristic manor.

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Not intentional - a cut-and-paste problem compounded by a stupid error in not looking at the page after I hit the post button.

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As I am writing this, Uhub front page says there are 4 comments. Yet when I go to read more, there are only 2 comments.
But make no mistake. I love !!! Uhub !!!

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The system caches pages to reduce the load on the database. But I think the home page and story pages run on different cycles, so you sometimes get little oddities like that.

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I think that one line sums it up for everyone.

I've been working weekends and the 111 ends at haymarket so I'm forced to use the green line to red. There's been some T workers and closed off entrances, and lots of buses. But thats the end point for the busitution.

They force everyone onto the Green Line, to many single car trains (*%[email protected][email protected]#!!!) and say "oh walk from Copley to Backbay"

I just don't with the orange line on the weekends. I hope this work finishes up soon.

And of course since work is really off the red line north (davis) so I can't wait for the bustitutions on weekends along that line as soon as this line is done *smh*

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As far as the Orange Line is concerned.

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