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Jason spotted these near Jordan Hall today.


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Does the artist have

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Does the artist have permission from the property owner?

I assume someone has already called the BPD.

Oh fuck off

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I for one don't want to live in a city where the police are spending their time and energy on well-produced artwork appearing on ugly concrete girders in an alleyway.

And someone said it was with property owner permission anyway, so it's moot. But really, how is this in any way harming someone if it were to have appeared without permission? This "but but but private property but but" stuff is so reminiscent of when kids are in 3rd grade or so and learn that someone bumping into you is assault, and someone keeping a pencil they found is theft. And they really want to call the police. And then thankfully some adult sets them straight that, OK, yes, but when things aren't hurting someone, we should drop them or work it out ourselves, and we shouldn't waste public resources on bullshit, and sometimes it's better to move along and live and let live rather than insisting on being right all the time.

It sounds like maybe you need an adult.

Oh, eeka,

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does the concept of getting permission before you paint on your neighbor's wall (by way of example) escape you?

So what you are saying, if someone paints on something you own, you are ok with it? Or you have no problem spray painting your crappy art on someone else's property?

Fine, but many are not and it is a big deal because, wait for it, the property that you are defacing does not belong to you to deface. Let us repeat: The property that you are defacing does not belong to you deface. BIG WORDS: DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU.


In regards to your example, when I was in 3rd grade, those thoughts never went through my mind and, I am sure, did not go through my friend's minds. So that example is moot to the matter at hand.