Pedestrian hit on Seaport Boulevard

Seaport Boulevard Crosswalk

The crosswalk on Seaport Boulevard. Photo by Joe Phalen.

On Seaport Boulevard at Sleeper Street, shortly before 10 p.m. The homicide and fatal-accident units were called in due to the severity of the woman's injuries.



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It makes me feel gross when I

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It makes me feel gross when I think about how fast and offensive drivers are. It’s not even a singular Boston issue or Suffolk county or mass issue. People need to evolve and develop a new relationship with their vehicles. You should be driving slow and caustious enough where if someone jay walks there is plenty of time and awareness to stop.


The wrekcless driving is very

The wrekcless driving is very strictly a Boston phenomenon. The lack of value towards other humans and motorists is almost too hard to believe. It is no better than Russia, where dashcams are a necessity and at any time you could find yourself in a fist fight or run down. Very dangerous human instincts and behaviors. Life is too short to risk someone else’s life so you can be a selfish Masshole motorist. Slow down and stop honking horns so much and straighten up. Learn how to handle small life nusances like heavy traffic, smile, and breathe...



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I don’t advocate for wreckless driving and I have no idea about the details of this accident; however, I don’t think the problem of (Boston) pedestrians crossing the street whenever and wherever they feel like it, regardless of oncoming traffic, is for everyone to drive like someone could step in front of your car at any second. Drivers stopping arbitrarily to allow for people to jaywalk or because they feel like being “nice” and allowing cars to pull out of side streets results in accidents too. I think a better solution is for pedestrians AND drivers to follow the laws and “rules of the road” so we can all get where we are trying to go safely.... Not saying I’ve never jaywalked, but I don’t cross the street Into oncoming traffic.



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Wreckless would be great.

One would think this is a

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One would think this is a crisis that would be treated as such by public officials but meh



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Look both ways before you cross

Knowing the area I thought it

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Knowing the area I thought it would be a different place.That street that Empire is on. Cars go real fast and don't pay attention to pedestrians (on the crosswalk) at all. Shocking to me there aren't traffic lights w/ walk lights.


Poorly designed road for both pedestrians and drivers

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For a “newly” designed section of city road, it was so poorly designed that both pedestrians and drivers are easily confused by the large number of traffic lights and crosswalks. Half of the crosswalk signals are still yet to be turned on. It’s basically a shopping mall with a two lane road down the middle and has been a known issue for over a year by people that work and live in the area.

Hoping for the best for the poor person that was hit.


townie politicians...

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are to blame.

this should have been a car free neighborhood like they have all over the world world class cities.

but our politicians are too "institutionalized" in townie thinking.

we need outside, new blood to run our city. someone that has lived in a world class city....


1950s land use planning

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It is inexcusable that any of this area, built after greatly successful urban infill districts in other cities, was built out like it was 1955.

I'd ask, with all the great examples of reuse districts out there, what they were thinking - but, sadly, it is abundantly clear that they simply gave it zero thought.

More classic insular self-dealing MA government massive fail.


Road diet

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Why are these new roads designed to be as wide as fucking highways, when they're lined with buildings that open onto the sidewalk? Multiple lanes encourage people to drive fast. This is well documented. Replace most of those lanes with bike lanes, a bus "rapid" transit lane, etc., and people will be less likely to drive like maniacs.

Oh, and Boston should enforce traffic laws too.

They're not new roads

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They are roads that were designed when the area was an intermodal (in the strictest sense of the word) center. They the nature of shipping changed, then it was decided that the area should be redeveloped. The roads have not changed. It's the land use that's changed.

Surely, Eeka, you were over at the Commonwealth Flats sometime before the late 1990s.

could it actually be

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anything about speeding? perhaps we'll find out. not sure what that intersection looks like most of the time, but the photo does not show bumper to bumper gridlock. As we know, when there isn't bumper to bumper gridlock on Boston streets, motorists go at least 45mph. hope the victim fares well and makes full recovery

Is there a # of deaths/serious injuries that'll make Walsh care?

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So now another person is seriously hurt or killed in Boston in an area that should have been redesigned to be less lethal, but Walsh insists on waiting until after all these killings/maimings to do something. A week ago it was Park Drive, which was also recently redesigned (though not any better for people, just cars). Our whole state freaked out when 1 person was killed by a shark in 90 years. WHY DOESN'T WALSH CARE? Is there a number of deaths that will make him take this seriously and it just isnt high enough for him?


The greater shame lies with

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The politician that opened up this area for development. Shame on Tom Menino. You all should charter a bus out to Fairlawn Cemetery and yell at his grave.

He is not going to show any care

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until after autonomous vehicles are approved and there are no more empty lots down here to develop. Don't want to screw up the momentum.

That intersection is no better

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The traffic lights to control that intersection have been installed, but are not yet turned on.

The Thompson Pl. side of the intersection is still barricaded (although people illegally park there all the time to run inside Shake Shack), but it is dangerous to cross Seaport Blvd. there even with crosswalks, as traffic speeds through the intersection, even though it is swarming with pedestrians and is at a busy T stop (Courthouse). I saw a pedestrian struck in the southeast crosswalk there last year.

EDIT: after watching additional media footage, this intersection pictured is indeed where the incident occurred, and not Sleeper St. as first reported. I hope we continue to get updates from the city as to what will happen with traffic control in this area, which is very busy, right by Courthouse T Station, Shake Shack, Trillium, Seaport Square, the summertime Cisco beer garden and the proposed Trader Joe’s.

The City's fault

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for allowing overdevelopment without looking into the traffic, parking and ride sharing problems. Can not just build, build, build.

Land of the lost for drivers

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Land of the lost for drivers and pedestrians alike. Missed opportunity. No real waterfront access for walkers, wind tunnel everywhere. Too bad menino hated john hynes so much because a marina where people could actually sit and enjoy the water would have been nice. Instead its a wall of buildings.

Great, thanks

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Although I disagree with your assessment of the Seaport District (besides it being windy), I am now stuck with the "Land of the Lost" theme song in my head.

Marshall, Will and Holly
On a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known ...