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Slob Phish fans left area around Fenway Park littered with latex droppings - but at least they were balloons rather than condoms

Spent balloons near Fenway park

Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report seizing "67 canisters containing a substance believed to be Nitrous Oxide in the area surrounding Fenway Park" before the Phish concert there on Friday.

Prior to a concert, officers observed a large group of individuals inhaling Nitrous Oxide from balloons in an effort to achieve a high. The balloons were being filled using various canisters and subsequently discarded in the street and sidewalk.

Nitrous bottles

Police say they turned the bottles over to the Boston Fire Department's hazmat unit for "additional processing.

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Were they all standing in the same spot? I’m surprised they didn’t pop them.

BPD aren't popping these guys.

I guess weed is too . . .mainstream now?


you're cute, what are you 80 years old? This has been going on for many DECADES at this point.

How do you know some of the balloons weren't used as condoms?

next thing you know, they'll be using sandpaper for protection!

I generally associate nitrous with melted piston domes, but...imagine mixing nitrous (food grade of course, safety first) with helium...


Boston media will complain about literally anything. I can't imagine how much tax revenue two sold out shows at Fenway and they're complaining about a few empty tanks and balloons on the ground.

There were SIXTY SEVEN tanks and who knows how many balloons. Tomorrow is Monday and the holiday weekend is over so yes, residents should expect things go back to normal. I don’t know how you live your life but I would hope residents of any city or town would care if the streets were covered in concert litter.


But try to imagine it was a pile of Bud Light cans instead of your preferred brain cell killer. Would it be a problem then? Wow, did I just blow your mind?


Or the millions of cigarette butts.

Listen, I used to love a whippet every now and again (to be clear they should have thrown them in the trash) but it is amazing what people here pick and choose to be outraged about. Anyway, as well all know, it was the dogs fault!

The police watched this as it was happening and didn't do a damn thing. According to the BPD Facebook post, they "seized" these tanks Friday night. What they didn't mention is that they "seized" them after they were emptied, way after the show got out. The same thing happened again Saturday night, again with no police intervention, as far as I could tell. It happens after every major jam band show across the country, and especially on the east coast. Police get a cut and look the other way.


Or do you imagine Phish Heads passing around a knit wool cap as a collection plate?


As suggested above, google "nitrous mafia" for more information. It's not the fans/attendees bringing the tanks to the shows.


Like "Phish makes decent music" or "almost as good as the Dead". Personally I blame the nitrous.


So edgy you are. Making fun of Phish and their fans. Good for you. I bet you feel really good about yourself now.

And to poke fun at them is socially unacceptable due to their challenges. I suppose you know better than me.

That's all you my man. All I'm saying is if you get your rocks off by making fun of people simply for enjoying their favorite band, you're kind of a loser. Sad.

If looking the other way is part of the plan for every concert, fine. But if it's only for trustafarians following jam bands, I am not okay with this.

Do you think the BPD would have looked the other way for a hip-hop show? (Not that they'd allow one at Fenway anyway... not that I'm much of a hip hop fan..at least not of anything post 1993..)


I don't attend hip hop shows, so I couldn't tell you. I can say it's not exclusively jam bands. I saw Vulfpeck in Brooklyn last year, and the mafia was there slinging balloons on the sidewalks. Vulfpeck isn't exactly a jam band, at least not in the traditional sense like the Dead or Phish, although there is a fair amount of overlap in their respective fan bases which probably explains the tank presence.

I suspect there would be nitrous at hip hop shows if fans were willing to pay for it. It is simply a money making operation after all. It's possible that scene just hasn't been infiltrated and exploited yet, or maybe they've tried and didn't get enough interest to justify the risk. Idk.

Nitric oxide is a dangerous drug so cops ignore enforcing the laws
Fireworks can lead to house fires
Needles can stick innocents in playgrounds
Prostitution is not a victimless crime
Defecating and urinating in subways is a health risk
Shooting up on city streets is a no longer a crime
Graffiti is ignored by the MBTA as is corruption
Fare jumping has become an urban sport
Shoplifters are rewarded
Trespassing and disorderly conduct are no longer worthy of prosecutions
It is considered a good week when 15 people are shot including a child
The city of Boston Strong is reaching a tipping point and becoming Boston Weak when dealing with quality of life issues.


Quality of Life crimes are real but the police can't do everything. Are you doing anything to stop these problems yourself or are you just complaining?

The police can't be everywhere. Fix the poverty and mental health problems and most of these issues will go away. Of course, then you'll complain about "socialism".


Fenway residents have tried with the Boston Licensing Board (Kathleen Joyce, Chair) and at numerous Red Sox community meetings to get these large concerts under control.

This has been to no avail.

Each year, the number of concerts and non-baseball events at Fenway Park increases. Police details are consistently under staffed from the agreed upon minimum coverage. Noise and traffic congestion plague those who live in the neighborhood. Emergency vehicles are often caught in gridlock.

The solution offered by the Red Sox management, House of Blues and their absentee partner, LIVE NATION? Build a 6,000 seat rock concert hall next to Fenway Park, combining home game and House of Blues crowds with more people and cars.

its hard to have sympathy for those who voluntarily spend way too much money to live between a massive sporting/entertainment area and a major university.

living over there and complaining about the crowds makes about as much sense as living in allston and complaining about college students.

This is why Everett - specifically the Encore Casino area - will become the entertainment destination of New England as they aspire to be. They bought all the houses so no neighbors to annoy. But is Lansdowne St really worse than it used to be as one of the bar destinations in Boston for young people? The city has so many more bars restaurants and clubs now vs the 90s when I assume anon moved into the neighborhood.