Police charge South Boston smoke shop with reefer and gummy-worm madness

Edibles and money found at South Boston store

Photo of some of the confiscated goods by BPD.

The owner of King Smoke Shop, 600 East Broadway in South Boston, was arrested along with one of his clerks today on charges they were selling marijuana cigarettes, THC and edibles that included pot-laced gummy worms.

Boston Police report that the two arrests were the culmination of an investigation that included undercover officers buying pot products illegal to sell without a license. Police launched the investigation after receiving several complaints from the public.

Police say officers today seized more than 60 bags of marijuana candies, 67 vials of THC, 26 "Moon Rock Marijuana" containers, 95 marijuana cigarettes and more than $1,000 in cash.

Owner Tanveer Shah, 61, of Bellingham, was charged with possession of marijuana and THC with intent to distribute. Saqib Imran, 38, of Brockton, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police say.

Shah also owns the Mass. Ave. Smoke Shop on Massachusetts Avenue in Newmarket Square.

Innocent, etc.



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So tired of these folks from

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So tired of these folks from the suburbs coming to our city to do their crimes!
Stay home!


Wikipedia links to "some sort of source"

Wikipedia links to "some sort of source".

Someone here posted that Fauxahontas Warren taught disabled children for one year as stated on the Wikipedias.

The Wikipedia link went to an interview where she claimed to have taught disabled children for a year.

Colleges do not allow direct Wikipedia sourcing.

Grade schools neither.

It's not illegal...

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It was only illegal cause he didn't have a license to sell it... stop hating on a natural plant!


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Who didn’t see this coming?

hey anon Southie NIMBY

you've finally been validated after your rant in the South Boston Community forum. well done. there are other smoke shops in South Boston that sell the exact same vape juice, pipes, and smoking devices legally. the closest one is even nearby on Dorchester Street (will you start a separate rant on that one now?). they simply are not dumbasses trying to sell weed without a license. if King Smokeshop were not such idiots as to sell unlicensed substance then there would have been absolutely nothing wrong with the shop.

that said, good riddance if they're not following the rules. otherwise, i would have happily been a patron. if the Cannabis Control Commission (and Marty Walsh in Boston) didn't wait until the last possible second to regulate the industry then this type of situation would probably be more controllable.


was arrested along with one of his clerks today on charges they were selling reefers

It is about time someone got pinched with anachronistic charges. By gum it's been a while... I reckon.

Nothing Anachronistic about it

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To sell tobacco, alcohol, or reefer in Boston you need a license.

This fly by night operation didn't bother. So one can assume they probably had no qualms with the age restrictions either.

They literally just opened a few months ago, so this was their scheme apparently. Good riddance to shady people.


Kind of an alarmist headline. isn't it?

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Is this really that big a deal? They weren't selling anything different from what's being sold all over the state. Basically this is a license infraction, but the state wants it cut, so they'll squeeze these guys. Moreover the reefer reference sounds antiquated.



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That was the point

He was clutching his pearls while typing faster and faster and faster ...

There is another meaning for "reefer" that is not antiquated - it is a chilled storage container, like those found around the Chelsea produce market.


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I've changed the reference in the story to "marijuana cigarettes." I mean, obviously I was playing off the headline, but, as the kids say these days, whatevs.

Basically.. if the state

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Basically.. if the state lawmakers haven't dragged their feet in the most massachusetts of ways, then this would be legal.

Not necessarily

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All pot places have to be licensed by the state. And Boston has a further restriction: No pot place can be closer than half a mile to another one. So if somebody else had gotten a license first on that stretch of Broadway ...

In other words

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Blame both the state legislature and the city council. Not only did they drag their feet, they also added unnecessary restrictions in a nonsensical subversion of the voters' will.

When will Boston be enforcing a 1/2 mile "no competition" radius for liquor stores? In the name of safety, of course.

(Question and rant not directed at you, Adam.)

Not true. These guys

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Not true. These guys avoided applying for a license for a reason. Stay tuned......

A better comparison

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Say they were selling alcoholic beverages at the store without a license from the city.

I mean, if the goal is to treat marijuana like alcohol, then those who wish to sell the product need to do so in the regulatory framework established.

Sorry if you don't like

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Sorry if you don't like government regulation but that's the way it works.


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Happening in Roslindale as well

There is at least one roslindale smoke shop doing this as well, just not sure about the scale as all I witnessed was the standard walk-in dude offering a cash "donation" and being told to come back later

I'm curious where their

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I'm curious where their supply comes from. Did they buy from a legit store in Salem, Colorado, or California?