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Power problems mean D Line riders can't go far: shuttles between Newton Highlands and Reservoir

It's Bustitution Wednesday on the Riverside Line.

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When Bulger ran the MBTA it was corrupt but it was on time safe and reliable. Mr. Bakers transit authority might not be corrupt but it is not on time, safe or reliable. Corruption trumps incompetence on the MBTA.

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Bulger has been out of office over twenty years now, those trains are over twenty years older. Not exonerating Baker, but just saying.

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But this time, the problem wasn’t with the trains.

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Bulger had an advantage of 20 years of deferred maintenance vs. 40-50 years now. Bulger is largely responsible for the top heavy and toxic management and union culture handicapping the agencies ability to get itself in working order.

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"Prior to July 1, 2000, the MBTA had been automatically reimbursed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for all costs above revenue collected (net cost of service). Beginning on that date, the T was granted a dedicated revenue stream consisting of amounts assessed on served cities and towns, along with a dedicated 20% portion of the 5% state sales tax. Going forward, the MBTA now would have to live within this "forward funding" budget."

Saddled with new Big Dig debt, the sales tax never kept up with projections. And here we are today...

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And you can thank Charlie for that....he was on the cmte that decided that was a good idea.

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You mean debt from MBTA expansion, right?

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Faker's sytem IS corrupt. The Cayman Islands account, for example.

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The alert isn't showing on the T's page. I see the tweet from earlier, but not one giving an "all clear." I'm heading to the problem area for an appointment around lunchtime...

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