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In the race to watch the sunset, he who hesitates is lost

Raccoon on Fenway balcony

Ryan Hatcher came home from work and went upstairs in his Fenway building to enjoy the sunset from a west-facing seat this evening, but found somebody had beaten him to it.

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There to steal your heart and your chair!

(I did a double take - my cat takes over chairs like that!)

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You are missed Elmer, by us and all the adorable animals.

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Off topic, but what happened to Elmer?

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He’s hunting wabbits!

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I hate to break up this adorable-fest, but it's not really a good sign for a nocturnal animal like a racoon to be so out in the open in the daylight like that. The animal may have been sick.

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A fat, happy racoon has been making late afternoon visits to my bird feeder for a month now. When I chase it off it just climbs a tree snd basks in the sun. Seems healthy enough; just hasn't adjusted to the later sunsets.

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When people repeat memes/old truisms rather than look things up.

Raccoons are mostly crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk) and nocturnal (active at night), however, they may be active during the day if food is available. Daytime activity does not mean that the raccoon is diseased.

Trash Pandas have adapted to our ways - including trash day, including daytime foraging.

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