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Red Line issues to persist through at least Thursday

The MBTA reports that riders on the Red Line's Braintree branch will continue to have to change trains at JFK/UMass if they don't follow T advice and take commuter rail instead, because of ongoing problems caused by the derailment yesterday.

Ashmont riders don't have to switch trains, but should count on an extra 20 minutes for their commutes.


Braintree branch customers can continue to take the Middleborough/Lakeville, Kingston/Plymouth, or Greenbush Commuter Rail Lines (note: Greenbush stops at JFK/UMass and Quincy Center, but not Braintree).

Ashmont branch customers can take the Fairmount Line. Red Line customers can also take the Fitchburg Line from Porter Square to North Station.

Customers can show their CharlieCards or CharlieTickets for Commuter Rail service.

Because of all the extra Red Line refugees (and the T is urging people who can to take commuter rail), the T will run extra commuter-rail service, with trains at 4:30, 6 and 7:20 p.m. tonight between South Station, JFK/UMass, Quincy Center, and Braintree. There will be three extra trains tomorrow morning into town.


Without working and accurate signals, communications data that provides information on train tracking, to GPS apps, and to the MBTA’s countdown clocks are also inaccurate. As a result, Red Line countdown clocks have been temporarily turned off to avoid displaying inaccurate predictions.

The T says a shutdown of all service today let workers isolate the section of track where the train in question hit and heavily damaged several "bungalows" containing the equipment that normally controls track switches where the Ashmont and Braintree branches come together and diverge just outside JFK/UMass, which will let workers "begin repairs to the third rail, switches, signals, track, power feeds, and cables."

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Oh I really trust the MBTA's gaging of time

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i havent seen traffic like the past 2 days since before they tore down the old garden.

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Now it's really gone down hill--a lot!

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When I rode it a lot in the late 1980s. I was young then, so I assumed that sitting in the Cambridge tunnel for 20 minutes was normal. On the other hand, I knew right away that it was not okay that time the doors on my car stopped opening.

That said, it should be reliable. Even I can’t say that is the case (though I will say it about the Orange Line.)

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Adam, UHub should start its own MBTA memes. You would come up with the BEST!!!

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Any idea how riding the Fairmount Line is a useful alternative for Ashmont-bound travelers? I mean, sure, if you were going to go on from Ashmont to Mattapan, then Fairmount Line to the new Mattapan/BlueHillAve/CumminsHighway station makes sense. Other than that, I don't see it.

Possible smart move on part of commuter rail: A friend who commutes in from Worcester reported different trainset on their morning run. One of the Cape Flyers, in fact. Single level, four seats across, inactive bar car. Speculation was the usual double-decker and/or five-seat cars had been shifted to support Red Line refugees.

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