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Red Line once more a mess; why is anybody's guess

Dead Red Line train stuck at station

Marie Morris reports an inbound Red Line train made it about five-sixths of the way out of South Station when it came to a halt. Riders are reporting delays of up to 20 minutes now.

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So nothing's changed.

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I got on the train at Fields Corner shortly before 4pm and it took about one hour to get to Harvard Square... 35 minutes of that was just Fields Corner to Andrew. Can’t take this much longer!

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About a week ago the T website "20 minute delay" Red Line Alert just disappeared. But those of us who use the Red Line continue to experience the delays.

Just last night it took me 20 minutes just from Savin Hill to JFK.

This is not normal and erasing the message from the T website isn't fooling anyone.

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And tomorrow is going to be Friday! I can't wait for the next edition of "Should We Walk or do We Have Time to Take the T?!"

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8:40 PM to 9:25 PM. Waited long time for train. Took 15 minutes S.S. to Andrew.

Ashmont and Braintree trains both crowded.

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Because the guys who built the cars, who were a part of the “silent majority” that were to help get President Nixon re-elected a few years after building them, are now dying off.

Those trains are older than I am, and I’m approaching AARP membership territory.

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It took me two hours to get from Braintree to Kendall this afternoon (my train left a little after 4 pm). I'm just grateful I don't have to do this every day.

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The Red Line, at least, used to be the most decent and efficient line on the MBTA. What the hell has gone wrong?

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shhh don't tell anybody but the Orange Line has for many years been the most reliable line

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no trains coming any day.

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