Red Line train can't get into Harvard, riders try to stay warm in a herd

Crowded Red Line platform

Harry Mattison checks in from one of the Red Line's many jammed platforms.

Around 8:06, the MBTA dolefully reported delays of up to 10 minutes on the Red Line due to a train that went DOA near Harvard. At 8:26, the T upped the delays into town to 30 minutes even though crews had managed to get the train the hell off the tracks. Passengers piled up like cordwood all up and down the Red Line. Patrick Ryan reported from Dorchester:

Mezzanine full at JFK. No messages about delays. Known about cold weather coming for a week. This is irresponsible

This was at least the second troublesome train: Shortly after 7, the T reported a train at Alewife refused to leave its relatively comfy berth there for the more hostile climes further down the line.


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Not sure

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that's a stretch. perhaps poetic champions can chime in but I'm not sold

Yeah, it is a stretch

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And I'm with you: On reflection, not sure it works, unless you're very, very careful with your pronunciation of "Harvard," which defeats the purpose of a snappy rhyme and is probably asking a bit much of the reader.

Pronunciation …

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Vid doesn't rhyme with herd (you wouldn't drop the "r" in herd, would you? Maybe Hehd? But not hid.


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They should've left an hour early to avoid the rush hour.

Look at all the

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Look at all the expressionless faces. Clearly the MBTA has conditioned all us riders and broke our spirits over the years and has forced all of us to accept that all of this is normal. Pay up for no service. Hope those lobster dinners and trips to Las Vegas were enjoyed.